General update


I bought a small 5-ton splitter.  Works great.  This is my first real concession to ‘getting on’ (not counting regular meds).  The funicular was supposed to be the first but, if any one ever asks, “Which came first?  The funicular or the splitter?”  Now you know…the chicken got old first, the splitter came second and the funicular has still yet to be completed.

“Why did the old chicken cross the road?” He didn’t.  We have no roads up here!

(yes, I know chickens aren’t ‘he’.  It is just a story-telling device)

We usually find and haul logs under a foot in diameter, 14 inches tops, and this little one-toothed wonder splits them easier than a mother does a pie.  I assembled it and fired it up and it worked!  Needs mods, of course….like longer legs, a one-handed turn-on (instead of having to use two.  They did this for safety reasons but not having a hand free to guide the wood is unsafe…I really hate these ‘safety features’ that make the work impossible but you try anyway and hurt yourself in the process because of the safety feature!) and a ‘spacer’ so that I don’t have to wait so long for the ram to get to the log but, those are easy.  This is gonna work!!

I love it when a mechanical purchase from China actually works!  Even if it does instill a bit more guilt.  You’d think I wouldn’t have any room for even more guilt but I do!  I really should have no guilt since no one in Canada or the US makes these little splitters (they make lots of big ones, tho), but I have pretty much tried to avoid Chinese ‘mechanicals’ because they are bad for the planet, bad for our economy and they just don’t work (as a rule).  And, if they do, they don’t last.  Too bad, really, as I have a Chinese-oriented budget.

Ravens have fledged!  Yesterday Jack and Liz introduced us to a couple of ‘sweet young things’ and they had them on the deck perch teaching them to squawk at us for food.  The young úns picked up on the technique pretty quick.  Had Sal cutting up a new block of cheese for them……….(we didn’t have any off-cuts piled up at the time).  Sal is such a patsy, sometimes.  Ravens have her wrapped around their beak.  I am just glad she didn’t thaw out and cut up a steak!

Prawn season is over today.  The factory ships clear out.  Poor market this year.  Average haul, low prices.  Buyers offering under $7.00 a pound.  Couple of years ago, the rate was $8.00 a pound.  That’s over a 12% drop in revenue with fuel and everything else on the expense side going up.  Where the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has failed us, the market may just save what remaining prawns are left.  Typically one good boat will haul out between 15 and 30 thousand pounds of prawns in their 2-month season.  And there are boats everywhere.  And we wonder why our oceans are suffering.

Which reminds me – I have a business deal to offer (details to be worked out) – a guy has a boat.  Great boat.  Huge.  Worth: about $2M.  He’s gonna sell shares in it.  It will ‘work’ when the season is on (he has several quotas so he’ll have several seasons) and it will ‘charter’ now and then.  It will also take out the shareholders on these working junkets So, an investor can get a return, get a working holiday and, at times anyway, get free fishing junkets whenever possible.  The guy is honest.  The boat is phenomenal and the opportunity real.

Perfect investor would be a couple in their 40’s or fifties, active, healthy and who love the sea.  Share price?  No idea.  Depends on the response.  But I can’t see it going for less than $200K.  So, it is a big dog’s opportunity (unless you see it as your summer cabin?).

“What’s in it for you, Dave?”   Nothing.  I just like the idea and I like the guy.

I may go on a hiatus of sorts.  From writing the blog.  Numbers are dropping a smidge so readers are sending a message……..“ho hum, yawn”.  I am gonna have to give it a rest, I think.  Come at it from another angle, maybe.  Take up knitting instead.  I dunno…….

I’ve written close to 600 entries so far.  Sal is compiling them into categories.  ‘Course the largest category is ‘Nonsense, gibberish and political rants’.  So, I may have only 400 or so relevant ones from which to really compile a book about living off the grid.  We’ll see.  Not enough for a compelling story but I am hoping for a comic book or a long magazine article at the very least.  Like an Archie’s Digest, maybe.  We’ll see.

I may carry on typing.  I need the exercise.  But I am definitely going to change something.  I think I have to.  I’ll let you know.

But, before I go……..(and remember, the boat, the Q-hut, the funicular and summer guests will still be written about.  Oh, bloody Hell!  OK.  I will still do the ravens and the whales, too.)……..

I just wanted to add that the masses are warming up……seems the people may not be just the walking dead, after all.  Bill 38 (Omnibus bill) will ‘gut’ our Democratic processes and push us even closer to a totalitarian state.  And there are a lot voices trying to be heard on that.  And the provincial Liberals just ‘sneaked’ a bill in during the last 30 minutes of this session so as to make a Provincial Park available for another private run-of-river project.  They’ll get away with that one, I am afraid.

But the student movement in Quebec (not a sympathetic movement at the beginning) prompted yet another fascist-like response from Big Brother and, in the aftermath, the people have rallied in Quebec over the erosion of their rights and freedoms.

I guess what I am saying is this: I could write more on politics but it’s a mugs game.  It all goes into the Nonsense and Gibberish file, anyway.  But, right now, that is where my head is at.  Mostly.  So the only thing that makes sense to me right now is reduce output.

If you are in a hole, the first thing you do is stop digging!


4 thoughts on “General update

  1. Hey Dave – don’t stop blogging. What would I read every day? Log splitter sounds like a great invention. I don’t know why 65 makes the body ache so darn much. No more biking down steep rocky cliffs !!!


    • Thanks, Rob. That does help. I’ve been a bit overly productive because that is what the popular advice to writers advised. ‘Course they also advise drinking heavily and getting into bar-fights (like Hemingway). That hasn’t helped either. Maybe just ‘spacing out’ will do?

      I think I will give that a shot. Does twice week sound OK?


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