I may be at war…….?

Seems some ‘Ruskies’ decided to infect my website with bad-stuff-ware.  Probably because I wrote about Siberkrime (misspelling on purpose to ‘trick’ their search and destroy algorithems).

Wow.  Doesn’t take much to get the forces of eeeevil against you, does it?  I wonder if they know this blog is harmless?  Probably don’t care.  ‘Sic ém!’ is likely their intent and a softwear robot has been sent out to do the dirty.  You know, like politicians sending out the cops.  “Send out the guys who don’t think!”

‘Cept this time it is a program that tries to arrest you…………….brave new world…..

I figure if ‘warning’ pop-ups are being sent out, that may be a reason for less hits.  So, I am presently doing what I can to rid myself of this rash.  Sorry.  I guess that is another topic that is too dangerous to touch.

Between Harper and Ruskie bad boys, methinks freedom of speech is in dire straits.  Be careful out there.  Even the good guys are bad.

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