I got some warnings from you guys.  Thanks.

Did you see this warning when you logged on?

I am pretty sure it is a hoax.  I checked my page on Google diagnostics and they said it was clean.  See:  Safe Browsing diagnostic page.  But I am still jumping through some more hoops to make sure.  I hope to be 100% sure within a day or so.


6 thoughts on “Hoax!

  1. I get no virus warning when I log into your blog but I’m fueled by iMac and Firefox. The world of the PC is an unhappy one prone to infection. A relative’s blog crashed and burned. She had to start a new blog with more safeguards. Do you have a recent virus checker? If so scan your data. Use Firefox only if you do not do so always.


  2. I’m a PC on Firefox. And I run a few malware and spybot routines. Plus I download very little ’cause I don’t have the bandwidth on satellite. I am an unlikely target. No ads. No revenue. No ‘information’. There is simply nothing there for them. But I did write a piece on Zib-erK-rhyme. That may be the key word in all this. Seems ha-ck-ers own the cy*** word or think they do. BIG brother and now little deviant techie brother………….man, this family has gone dysfunctional.


  3. I get the small fry stuff too small to be worth the time and effort to infect. But you many be a tempting target for a puerile hacker. Do you have a copy of Norton’s anti-virus disc?


    • Nah. All my techie friends ‘diss’ Norton. “Too ponderous, man. Eats too much memory! Go with Virusbegone or some other weird thing………not Norton!”


  4. You just run Norton it does not need to be installed. When done log out of it and eject the disc. It will be like it was never there.


    • Right!! Damn! Never thought of that………………..I just kinda ‘go along’ with their prompts. Hmmmmmm……..I’ll reconsider. But the ‘bad guys’ struck my host. Not me. Or so I believe. And, further, they only ‘stuck’ a warning in there rather than a real virus (so I am told). It is like people who buy the decal insted of the alarm system. It serves to scare but that is all………….


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