Ether Hell

Malware warnings still reign supreme on the site.  Sorry.  Can’t seem to fix it.  This may be God’s way of telling me I am boring and should take up a new line of work but it feels more like vandals.  Team of techies on it.  No joy yet.  End of week one.

Is it me or have techies lost all sense of time?  I mean, here I am on island time and, honestly, I now have the patience of Job. Well, more to the point: the energy of a sloth so I am more than willing to rest a lot.  I am not so much on island time as I am on sloth time, I guess.  Still, even for sloths, it seems as if techies get lost in time and space.  Like Godot.  They live in some kind of virtual time.  I dunno………..maybe it is hard work with heavy lifting but zeros and ones don’t weigh much.

On a brighter note; my boat is up on the hard and phase one of the ‘rebuilding of it’ is about to begin.  I suppose phase one has already been completed.  Buy replacement boat.  Pay money to people.  Work on replacement boat.  Pay more.  Work more and then ‘settle up’ accounts some more.  Then disassemble old boat by removing all equipment and other accouterments until I am down to the bare hull.  Then tow that hollow shell up to the public wharf.  Employ winch and crane to lift subject boat (Freelance) to new heights seldom attained by such small craft and plunk said vessel on friends flatbed truck.  Then up the hill on the truck to the back of the Q-hut.  Then three of us tugged, pulled, jacked and come-alonged the puppy on to the ground and ‘voila’- boat on hard!

So we had a phase or two already (let’s call the pre-phases A, B, C and maybe D)  but the real phase one is cleaning and that has to be done soon and, it seems, without water.  Because we don’t have water to the Q-hut yet.  So maybe phase D or E will be to ‘plumb’ the Q-hut.

Interesting, don’t you think?  No such thing as a simple chore.  Not in the least.  Ten steps before you start, then a two-one-two dance step going back and forth as you do the job and finally ten steps to finish up.  Then cleanup!  Sheesh.  We need servants!

No sense in writing much.  Not really.  Gotta get the Malware warnings to end……….hmmmmm………is that two steps forward now?  Or one step back?




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