While waiting for a miracle, death approaches…….

Dolphins go by all the time.  I don’t always write about it.  They are like a pack of kids in the neigbourhood, they are noticed but just at a glance as a rule.  Mind you, when the ‘pack o’ kids’ numbers in the hundreds, well, you notice and you watch.  Could be a Marine Occupy Movement forming or something.

Sorta like when the Orcas herded a couple of dozen into our bay last week for a mid-day luncheon.  Now THAT was worth watching.

Truth is: dolphins, as a rule, are not much to look at.  They are pretty in a sea-full-of-life kinda way but, face it, the visual presentation is much like seeing rolling bowling balls half submerged rolling along.  Neat but not spectacular.  Bigger numbers help make the sighting more interesting but the overall feeling now is, well mostly, seen one dolphin, seen ém all. 

Not yesterday.  Yesterday was different.  I watched a few dozen dolphins coming up channel and was just about to turn away when one of the little torpedoes launched!  And I mean – up!  Way up!  This little bloke flew completely out of the water by several feet and then ‘whomped‘ belly-flop-first.  Made a huge slapping noise.  This behaviour seemed to prompt others and after a bit, there were several dolphins in the air at a time all ‘a-whomping‘ their way up channel.   I got sight and sound from the pack o’kids this time.  That was neat.

Neat, but not enough, I am afraid.  I feel the cold hands of death reaching out……

My blog is still being hijacked by the Google Warning team and it seems there is not much I can do about it.  Seems some ruskie hackers planted a bad seed somewhere and Google’s ‘police’ have it surrounded and guns are drawn.  But the seed won’t come willingly.  Even the private security force, the ‘twat’ team, can’t seem to budge ’em.  I am held hostage and my chances are slim.  I can feel the sniper rifle on the back of my neck as I write. 

No joy from my friends.  Humpty Techie and all the Geeksmen can’t seem to put my site back together again.  All indications so far indicate that the operation was a failure and that the patient is only alive by artificial means.  Worse, Google has it in quarantine.  They have Guantanamoed my butt!  I may have to pull the plug on this.

Would it be the end of the story?  Well, not really.  I have a lot of stuff already written that needs fleshing out before being put into book form.  So, the writing will have to continue and so will the editing.  But that work will not be ‘upfront’ like it has been for the last two years.  It will have to be done in the background, as it were.  Real life rather than virtual life.

And, of course, there will be the rest of the books in the series – if the first issue is well received (more than ten).  And those stories have to come from somewhere and so I may just have to start another blog somewhere.  Sometime.  But not for awhile.  One needs to grieve.  So, we’ll see.

“Dave!  Is this goodbye?”

No.  Not yet.  I am still raging against the night.  But it is day to day.

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