Charlie Brown kept trying to kick the football……..what a sap!

There is a great deal of grass roots resistance to the Enbridge proposal to construct a pipeline across northern BC.  I think. (Hard to tell with Canadians, actually.  If it ain’t hockey, no one knows what the hell is really going on up here.)

They (corporations, China, Canadian federal and Alberta governments with BC Liberals wanting in on some of the goodies) want to pump tar (not oil, but tar sludge!) from Alberta to the coast for off-loading to ships destined for China.

Lots of people don’t like that.

The bad guys call it progress, development, revenue and, almost at the same time, ‘inevitable’.  They want it.  They want it bad.  And they figure to ram it through.

Which, by the way, is the modus operandi of the Federal Govt./Harper Conservatives.  They tend to ram things.  They have to, really.  No one else, it seems, ever agrees with them.  “So, damn the torpedoes and prepare to ram!” 

But they just might get torpedoed themselves this time.  We’ll see.  Dark clouds are looming.  Lots of chest-thumping.  Lots of lines being drawn. Lots of posturing.

Mostly we just see the stupid stuff, tho.  Politicians strutting their stuff.  But not many people are watching them.  Not really.  They weren’t trusted the second they opened their mouths.  Things are really just getting tense.  The real conflict hasn’t started yet.  I have no idea how it might show up.  But I think it might.

I hope so, anyway.  I am hoping for a real confrontation.  We the people really should stand up and get counted for something other than a sales tax, don’t you think?  This might be the thing that puts some real spine into the population.

One can hope.

Pumping tar sludge to China is such an obviously bad idea, I can’t imagine how the idea ever got legs.  Corruption?  In Canada?  You don’t say!

I mean; REALLY!!??  Isn’t it obvious?

Did you know that China just awarded the management of a special fund (gazillions) that will form the basis for a Chinese social security program to the same gang of crooks who played in the Sub-prime mortgage fiasco under the name of the Royal Bank of Canada?  Well, RBC’s private arm, that is.  The one not so regulated. That’s a nice way to pocket a bit of change.  Wonder how the trickle down theory will apply this time?

Whoever is doing this is not putting Canada’s interests first.  That is for sure.  Aside from all the ecological mayhem and catastrophe that truly will be inevitable, one has to wonder why we can’t refine the black poison up at the scene of the original crime (the Athabaska Tar Sands) and simply sell the crap to Canadians.  I mean… that so hard to figure out?

We pay more for gasoline than do Americans and they get most of their oil from Canada!

Did you know that you can buy a propane freezer from a dealer in Colorado and have it shipped here to BC way cheaper than if you buy it from Ontario…….where it was made!?  Automobiles made in Canada cost more here than do the same vehicles after having been shipped to the States.  Cell phone service costs in Canada are the highest in the world (CRTC?).  We are a country of patsies and we have been continuously ripped off for decades if not centuries.

But, really………does anyone care?  I mean, really?  I don’t think so.  Canadians got their food, their TV and whatever their basic wants are have been met – for the majority of us, anyway.  Why rock the boat, eh?  “Have a beer, watch some hockey and put a steak on the barbie and quit yer belly achin’ bub.  Nuthin’ ya can do about it, anyway.  Rich get richer and all that.  C’mon, Gretzky’s daughter is on the TV.  In a bikini!”

Will we ever rise up?  Do the right thing?  Or is it only other countries that have real leaders?

3 thoughts on “Charlie Brown kept trying to kick the football……..what a sap!

  1. Some of your themes are gaining traction. Is Christy Clark on side with the pipelines are dangerous crowd? Shrewdly she may be. It seems that bitumen is combined with naphtha so that the bitumen will flow in a pieline. Naphtha is “…extremely flammable. Irritating to eyes and respiratory system. Affects central nervous system. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Aspiration Hazard.” Enron has offered to make the walls of its pipes thicker but will that mitigate against any future spills? Or if we get a bigger piece of the pie…values, what protest? But if the price is right on the gas pipe BC goes!


  2. I don’t think there is much doubt about Clark. She’ll sell to the highest bidder. To people who put money at the top of their want-list, everything is for sale – even their kids future. And she is selling now. Of course, she is selling what is NOT hers! Same for Harper. They shouldn’t be able to sell the future of Canada. It should be stopped. The real question is: who will emerge as a leader to stop the Greedy Train? Almost by definition it can’t be a ‘sold-out-already’ politician, the ones who give up their integrity for party endoresement. So, who?
    Where have you gone, Joe DiMagio?


  3. Politicians are hungry for investment and will sell all assets for cold hard cash. Politicians are eager to turn Canada into a hinterland. Canada will be open for business and eager to out source jobs. The boomers might to the last generation to have a social safety net. The Neo-Cons want to kill benefits and all unions. We need a Green agenda soon or we will become nothing but an extraction zone with minimum wage jobs for most workers. Here come the poverty train.


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