Ravens Part MXVll

I promise to do ravens every now and then but, honestly, as great as they are, they are somewhat predictable.  I know them.  They know me.  That should be, as they say, ’nuff said’.

But a guest arrived today who knows photography.  R is a professional photographer.  And he is getting into movie-making.  He wanted ravens.

Getting some footage of a raven is good camera practice and so we undertook to get his portfolio/library enriched by expoiting our relationship with Jack and Liz.

It took cheese.  It took ravens.  And it took camouflage.  We dressed the camera (on a tripod) with a jacket and it then seemed (I guess) just like another person.  The ravens came.  The ravens went.  And he captured them on film!

This is no easy feat with ravens.  They seem to ‘sense’ the presence of a camera and we have had little to no luck getting pics of them over the years.  A few.  But mostly they see the camera and just won’t come in.  This time was different! 

Hello, Sundance!

I mention all this because Randy (WideAngleMan) Cole will likely ‘produce’ a small segment of Raven film and embed it on the blog some time in the near future.  I am pretty sure he will add it to his portfolio of You-Tubes as well.  Randy also plans to ‘produce’ a couple of minutes of Sal and me being Sal and me.  You know…..rugged, outdoorsy, adventuresome?

Frankly, I think it is career suicide for him but he thinks he can make make us into scintilating stuff.  “There is no budget for special effects, Randy!”

“Trust me.  When I am done with you, you’ll look great!”   Of course, he then concentrated the rest of his camera time on Sal.  I think he is going to splice in some stock footage of Tom Sellek to play the lead.

Anyway, that is how the last couple of days went…….eating, talking, touring in boat, filming, faking, lying-with-the-camera.  Pretty silly stuff.  Randy wanted some ‘film’ on the logs and wood-getting but, as you know, that chore is done for the year.  But film directors are pretty demanding-artist types.  So, we faked it!

I climbed down the hill with my chainsaw and started it up and waved it around a bit while the camera rolled and then I stopped and climbed back up the hill.  After we had caught our breath, I fired it up again and cut a round off a log that was already up here (the stage crew is good).  Then, with that one round, I whacked out some firewood.  Like four or five pieces.

The camera will lie.  The film will smack of Paul Bunyan.

Fame, eh?  So sweet but so fleeting.  Worse, I won’t even get fifteen minutes.  Seems a long You-tube is 6 minutes and Randy is pretty sure he can capture the essence of our life in 45 seconds.  Which says a lot.

To be kind to us, he will stretch it out to 3 minutes, I think, but we expect a lot of repeat shots of the round splitting.  You know, slo-mo-type stuff.  Cheap B Action-hero…..sequences….different angles……..like a speeding car chase ending with a crash but………….like………….in wood!



2 thoughts on “Ravens Part MXVll

  1. Ravens 1017 that is a lot of ’em. Must be getting old I only recall Ravens 7 or 8. But I digress I was going to write about Ravens but I have a far more scintillating topic in mind.


    • No. Sorry. I just meant that this is the 1000th plus report on ravens. Or so it seems. There are still only two. Two main ones, Jack and Liz. They increase in number every Spring. Somehow……..? Go figure.


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