NON credible in the extreme

OK……..a rant………………..c’mon!  You know I am overdue.

The world has suffered intense drought.  Most of it, anyway.  Especially the wheat, grain and corn fields of the US, Russia and western Europe.  And that drought is killing crops.  The news reports that grain cereal prices may rise.  Damn, eh?

The bigger story, of course, than prices is that much of the world relies on grain cereals for their basic sustenance.  Look for more reports on mass starvation (but you’ll have to look hard ’cause our media doesn’t like that stuff and they don’t report it.  Not good for business).  An even bigger story is that this latest dilemma is likely a further indication of climate change.

Our headline?  Kellogs Special K will go up in price by 17%.

A CBC interviewer calls a CBC reporter in London to get the ‘latest’ on the Olympics.  They don’t call an Olympian.  They don’t call an Olympic official.  Instead, they call their own reporter.  Staff talking to staff. ‘Easier, don’t ya knowAnd a helluva lot cheaper!

And what does our intrepid, in-the-field reporter tell us?  Well, he reports from a pub that the publican is satisfied with the level of increased business.  Later he reports from another pub where a drunk Canadian girl shrieks, “We’re number 1!” and gushes about getting bronze in the synchronized mixed-pair pillow fight.

Edward R Murrow, he ain’t.

It is reported that Stephen Harper flies out to BC to announce that parents whose child is deemed sufficiently ill will get an extension on their unemployment benefits for up to six months!  Waddarwe talking here?  About the same amount of money as it cost for Harper to fly out, stay at a fancy hotel with his tag-along staff and make the announcement?

One hundred and eight-five thousand Syrians are already refugees in Jordan.  Our guy flies over there and announces $6 million in Canadian Aid.  About the price of a house in West Vancouver.  Good news!  shouts the CBC.  Good photo op, too.  Wounded, traumatized and starving Syrians will, of course, remain in Jordan in tents.

Some complete doofus in a Canadian Petroleum propaganda organ (Calgary based Canadian Energy Research Institute – completely funded by government and Big Oil!!) reports that BC will fare better than thought money-wise from the Enbridge Tarsands pipeline.  She got front page of the Province newspaper and prominent positioning in the Times Colonist and National Post.  And all she said was ‘in her opinion’.  Front page!  Dozens of intelligent, qualified people have done in-detailed analysis and concluded just the opposite and no one hears of that. Young, masters degree holder, researcher, Dinara Millington, gets front page coverage.

The point: Don’t believe the news.  Not a whit of it.  It is lies.  It is all lies.  And where it isn’t lies, it is error.  And where it isn’t error, it is ‘fluff’ and ‘celebreties’.  And, nowadays, where it isn’t any of the above, it is paid-for propaganda. The news is worse than no news because – with no news – you are at least NOT lied to.

The rallying cry of the anarchist used to be, “First, we kill all the lawyers!”

I think we should consider the news industry as a possible first-strike option.

1 thought on “NON credible in the extreme

  1. CTV has the rights to the 2012 Olympics. No other media outfight can say the words Olympics. On the other networks it’s ‘the games’. No live action except on CTV. Very limited quotations from the athletes. Welcome to the Corporate olympics. No amateur athletes all professions. All hoping to cash in.


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