Stupid like a man

Another visitor yesterday.  Great guy.  Competent in the extreme, too. He can make anything.  Literally.  With a machine shop and more tools than Home Depot, he is capable of filling his large truck or even larger boat and heading off to anywhere to make anything for anyone.  Pretty neat.

And he was suggesting I get a welder.

I listened intently.  I confess to showing some enthusiasm for the idea.  Sally listened with horror.

After he left, Sal and I discussed the idea further.  That is what she called it, anyway.  A discussion.

It turns out that I am not going to get a welder after all.  I don’t recall my part in the discussion but Sal made quite a few good points.  Or maybe it was only one or two good points repeated a few times.  Hard to say.  I remember that it was hard to say anything, actually.

And she presented her case strongly.  I really remember that.  The picture of  her one hand on her hip and the other with a finger wagging in the air while a cacophony of background noise ensued is definitely etched in my memory.

I think the defense (me) rested it’s case without speaking at all but, like I said, I kind of forget my part.  My ears were ringing.  The discussion was kind of overwhelming, as I recall.  Sensory overload.  Emphasis on the auditory.

But it is good to discuss things, don’t you think?  It is what mature couples do.  Women like building consensus.  And, in doing it that way, I get to learn.  You know……how I was about to make a mistake……..and that….through discussion we had arrived at a consensual agreement and that I was really happier now that I had learned what it was I needed to learn.  And how I am a very fortunate man.

Sal says so, anyway.

Mind you, I am not getting a welder……...

You’d think that with this kind of support and added wisdom from my wife, I would make fewer errors but, it seems, that is not the case.  I still make mistakes.  Just ask my wife.

It takes little on my part to screw up.  If only I discussed things more often with her I would be so much better off.  Or so she says.  And I believe her (or else, she has to tell me that theory all over again).  I have no idea how I managed at all without discussing things more often with her, really.  Lucky, I guess.

She does have a point.  I do have seven or more winches.  More than a couple I refer to as decorative.  I really should have discussed winches much more with her prior to getting any.  Trouble is, there is no discussing winches anymore.  The mere mention of the word………….

I have managed to drive winches from the table as it were.

I have also learned that there is a window for discussion and I rarely time it right.  Too early and I don’t get what I want.  Too late and I get in trouble.

I find I am asking for forgiveness more often than I am asking for permission.  Stupid, eh?

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