Clarification on doom and it’s day

It may be a smidge overdue but I need to make a point – living off the grid is not the same as preparing for doomsday.  I am not a doomsday prepper (DP).  I mean, I would like to think that Doomsday would be much more pleasantly experienced out here than in the city but that is not and never was the reason for moving to the country.

And, anyway, those DP folks seem to miss the point of Doomsday.  You don’t ‘get through’ Doomsday.  If it is Doomsday then by definition one is doomed.  Like a dead polly, ya know?

Anyway, people come to visit.  They ask questions.   They ask about our lifestyle.  Some of them ask odd questions.  But it is all very nice and makes for good conversation.  Lately, however, I have noticed that there is an implied ‘survivalist’ label hung on us.  “So, ya got that alternative energy thing happening, eh?  Figure to ride it out, eh?”

“Yeah…………………..ride what out?”

“You know………end of days…..Mayan calendar……TEOLAWKI (the end of life as we know it)………….what kind of firepower you sportin’, sport?”

“Uh, we don’t have firepower.  Not really.  An old shotgun somewhere.  Don’t really need anything.  Not really.  I mean, for the savage psycho hordes to get to us means they have to spend a lot of money on fuel and get a boat, then drive around a lot and what are they gonna get, eh?  Our tomatoes?  Our ‘bag’ wine?  We’re too much trouble for your basic urban zombie psycho crowd I think”.

“Yeah, I guess.  Still, I recommend you pick yourself up a few tactical assault rifles.  Ya never know.”

“Hmmm……maybe I will………… got any?”

“Oh yeah.  Armed to the teeth, I am.  Got a gazillion rounds, too.  Take the whole Muslim nation to get to me.”

“I thought you lived in a condo unit in the city?”

“I do.  But, man, we are ready!  They gotta get past the security at the parking lot first.  Then, we’d have the elevators shut down and so they’d have to climb the stairs.  Man, it’d be like pickin’ off pigeons.  They wouldn’t have a chance!”

“Well, that’s true.  I’m sure.  But do you have enough food?  What about water?  Got an axe with which to chop some wood?  Gotta fireplace?  Like……if you really think it is all gonna implode, shouldn’t you get out of the condo?”

“Are you kiddin’, man?  Ya get out of the condo market and like, you can never get back in.”

“Yeah.  Good thinkin’.  But, like, wouldn’t condo prices be lower after the doom…..has fallen………..down……on everyone………like, ya know?”

“Whatever,man.  All I know is that I am prepared.  Like, for anything.  Even got a ‘bug-out!’

“What’s a bug-out?”

“The vehicle you need to escape with, dude.  And ya need a ‘bug-out pack’.  That’s the survival gear ya bug out with.  You gotta do some research, man!”

“Sheesh.  What’s your bug-out vehicle?  What’s in your bug-out pack?”

“My Prius, man.  Think about it.  Complete stealth, eh?  No one would guess I was buggin’ out in a baby blue Prius, eh?  And my pack has a pile of granola and energy bars, Gatorade for the electrolytes, flashlights for the actual light and, of course, my wind-up radio and a first aid kit.  ‘Course, I’ll be packin’ heat and lots of rounds when I bug out, too.  Should be good.”

“Yeah.  I guess.  Thanks for the heads up.”

“No problem man.  When the doom hits the fan, I am buggin’ out and like, don’t worry, man.  I’ll get up here.  I’ll make it.  Bring ya a rifle, too.  Don’t worry about a thing!”

Oddly, I am not worried.  Not a bit.  Not even about my bugged-out friend.  I don’t think there’s too much to worry about, really.  You see, I get the concept.  Should the time come and doom comes to a neighbourhood near me, I will respond appropriately and do the right thing.  I plan to expire.  Call me crazy.


3 thoughts on “Clarification on doom and it’s day

  1. It’s the boat man on an island you make waves so ya got your set of wings. I know you are not a doomsday type survivalist that would be overload. It’s every day survival of life’s minutiae. Space, fresh air, and few bag lady kayakers to share it with. By the way thanks for writing these blogs they have become a sorta survival thing for me a chance to fire up a few grey cells and fire off a retort. Here is a tiny ray of the Mike Strizki has not paid an electric, oil or gas bill—nor has he spent a nickel to fill up his Mercury Sable—in nearly two years. Instead, the 51-year-old civil engineer makes all the fuel he needs using a system he built in the capacious garage of his home, which employs photovoltaic (PV) panels to turn sunlight into electricity that is harnessed in turn to extract hydrogen from tap water. Mind you his prototype cost $500,000 to build but it does turn tap water into fuel. I predict the costs will go down.


  2. “By the way thanks for writing these blogs they have become a sorta survival thing for me a chance to fire up a few grey cells and fire off a retort.”
    Thanks for writing that. Appreciated.


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