Foreign entertainment


I find it hard to write this……………but…………..geez…………try to understand………….

When you live remote you have to make your own entertainment to some extent.  Learning how to live off the grid is the main interest, of course.  In fact, it is often fascinating and even has the occasional element of adventure or danger involved that serves to spice things up.  Living out here is fun!

But man cannot live by chainsaws alone.  There has to be more.  Yes, we have ‘community’ and gardening, fishing and small motor repair, Blu-ray movies and books by mail.  And I can write my blog when things get a bit slow.  Honestly, our lives are rich.  Really.

Well, OK, sometimes I want a little more.  So sue me.

When we hanker for something different we can always go to the city but, more and more, the city doesn’t seem like something new.  It is not different.  Not different enough, anyway.  Same ol’, same ol’.

Travel is always new……………………..or is it?  Sadly, the excitement of new cultures and new landscapes is waning for me.  It is not them.  It is me.  I still love visiting a new country and all that but, travel is not what it used to be for me.  Not anymore.  I’m experiencing a bit of ambivalence, I am afraid.

Maybe it is seeing a McDonalds in Thailand………I dunno……….?

Actually, I am experiencing fear and loathing if I take time to consider what is happening in such good ol ‘stand-bys’ as Mexico.  But just airports and the ‘schlep’ of it all is enough to put me off nowadays.  It has to be a function of age.  Sort of a ‘been there, done that and now it tires me out too much‘ kinda thing.

Embarrassing but true.

All this is my way of saying (explaining) that I have slipped the bonds of adventure seeking.  I am getting old.  I am turning to convention.  In fact, I am actually looking forward to it.  I think I am gonna learn to cook.

Yes, yes, I know………..I am already pretty famous for my sushi (mostly because I am very generous with the Sake).  And I reckon only Hy’s can do a better steak.  But the truth is: I don’t cook.  Not much.  Not really.  I chop stuff up that Sal says to chop up.  Of course.   And I can make a few things like a cheese sandwich, popcorn and toast.  But that is pretty lame, don’t you think?

So, I have decided that I am going to find my inner Indian.  I got an Indian cookbook.  Mamajee’s Kitchen.  I am gonna make some spicy, weird stuff like green curry, dhal, chicken vindaloo and gulab jamun.  I may even brew some Chai tea.  Oh yeah!  Call me Ganesha!

I admit that I have had this urge for some time.  Ever since I found Indian dance movies so interesting on the ethnic channel.  You really have to watch one.  Lots of dancing and smiling.  Weird off-tempo music.  Almost hallucinogenic.  The movies never appealed to me in the least but the net effect was that I always wanted a curry immediately after.  It was like I was being hypnotized.

Well, whatever.  That’s my story.  And now I am going to learn to make curries.  The dancing part?  Probably not.  But, living remote can change you…………?  So ya never know.

1 thought on “Foreign entertainment

  1. And you let those goats go! Nothing compares to the bliss of one of those bleaters curried and wrapped in a roti with some basmati rice with a dab of chutney. The table talk will consist of, “God.”


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