Who ya gonna call…………?

We have ghosts!

Well, not ghosts so much as voices.  We have voices in the night.  Sometimes. 

How can there be voices in the night when there is no one out there?  How is that possible?

No idea.  Makes no sense.  Could be ghosts, I guess.

It should be spooky.

But it is not.  Not so much.  The voices can be heard at any time really but usually and mostly in the late summer and late at night when it is really dark.  They don’t sound threatening.  There is no feeling of danger.  Yes, it could be kayakers but, really, there are too many instances for it to be late-paddling kayakers and, anyway, kayakers come and go.  The voices stay for awhile.  It isn’t kayakers.

Furthermore, when I hear kayakers chatting as they go by, their noises have a cadence to their conversation and paddling.  When we hear the weird ‘ambient’ voices, the whole sound text is different, more conversational, more continuous.  In fact, the voices may even sound, at times, like a monologue.  Like a speech or a sermon.

But I cannot tell you what is being said because, as careful as I am in attempting to hear, I can not pick out a single word clearly.  It just sounds like the background conversation one might hear at a large gathering.  Just a mumble of speech-sounds.

For some bizarre reason, it feels like the conversation or speech of natives.  First Nations.  It feels like I am overhearing a hum of voices from the past.  Weird, eh?

Sally: “Can you hear that?  Can you hear what sounds like voices?”

Me: “Yeah.  It’s that weird sound again.  Can you make out any words?  I can’t.”

And so it goes.  We confirm each other but can’t deduce what the source is or what the sounds are, actually.  Just that it sounds like conversation.

We have other inexplicable noises out here, too.  We have a duck or something small that is out on the water at night (again, usually late summer) that makes sounds exactly like a cougar might make when it is warning off a threat.  Not a growl.  Not a hiss.  More like a feline howl of sorts.

That was pretty freaky the first few times we heard it.  Usually gets the immediate attention and focus of a guest, too.  But now we just accept that the cougar-ducks are out.  No biggie.  We hope!

We get the odd thing that goes ‘bump in the night’, of course.  Everyone does.  And most times the dogs just accept it as such themselves.  But every once in awhile, they will jump up and warn off the mysterious-but-unseen intruder – who or whatever it is.  That, too, has become somewhat normalized.  Sometimes the dogs will go just-plain-nuts.  They will hear something or smell something and start running around and acting like they are seeing ghosts.  And sometimes, it does feel a bit strange.

When the wolves howl, the dogs react but we have come to know a wolf reaction.  If a small mammal like an otter or martin or something is scurrying about, the dogs react in the appropriate small-mammal way.  And we recognize that.  But every once in awhile they just go over the top and the only thing that makes any sense is that it is larger than a pack of wolves and weirder than a strange person approaching at night.  We actually know what those dog responses sound like.  The total-freak-out response is a mystery.

Don’t misunderstand me……….this is not constant.  It is not daily or even weekly.  It is intermittent but regular enough to acknowledge.  Sal hears it more than I do but, generally speaking, we are reminded of our voices more than several times a year.  I’ll approximate ‘six’.

Do I care?  No.  It is curious-making, though.  I like that.  It is kinda nice to have a few small mysteries out there.  Anyway, as I already told you, sometimes you just have to make your own entertainment. 

And sometimes it is made for you…………..doo doooo doo doooooooo

2 thoughts on “Who ya gonna call…………?

  1. Interesting David — This past September I was up early with my cup of tea, out at the point, when I heard voices that were clear enough I could pick out a few words. The only thing to be seen, barely discernible in the pre-dawn light, was a boat in the area of Bold Point. It was apparent that the voices were emanating from it, even though it was easily three kms away. I recalled reading a spy story, many eons ago, in which a motorcycle driver with a passenger, was warned not to talk too loudly while driving. He said that no one could possibly hear him over the sound of the engine, but was told, “YOU can’t hear anyone over the engine noise because it is next to you, but with the different pitch of your voice, it can be heard quite clearly over the engine, and . . the further away you are, the clearer it will be” — the engine noise will have dissipated but the voices not so much.

    Now, the conditions must have been perfect that morning: still water, it was the only boat, no wind etc. In your case, the voices of the kayakers weren’t competing with other noises, so yes, a bit “spooky” especially as, over water, sound is sort of omni-directional.

    Great read!


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