I haven’t added a blog for awhile.  I have been too horizontal.  Hard to type while lying prone.  But more than that and sadly yet another tragic admission, very little is happening in the prone position for me these days. My bed is dead.  No memories are being made on the memory foam.  What’s an invalid to write about?

Well, I am healing.  And that is good.  And Sal has not left me.  Not yet.  Not physically.  Maybe emotionally.  Not permanently, anyway.  She does seem to spend a lot of time in the woods, however.  And she refuses to give me a walkie-talkie.  But, other than that, we are pretty good. She is exceptionally generous with doling out the sleeping pills, though.  That’s good, right?

And I need them.  Still can’t lie on the damaged side.  It is weird how being restricted in your movements makes sleeping difficult.  You’d think that sleeping itself was restrictive but apparently not.  I have to turn over now and then and every time I do, I wake up.  I am not really whinging, I am just surprised that freedom of movement is so necessary for me to sleep well.

Oh well, I am at least 50% healed.  I won’t be modelling swimsuits or underwear anytime soon but my public has always required a strong stomach and, preferably blurred vision. Beauty is not my strong suit.  For the next little while, keeping your eyes firmly shut when we meet is strongly advised.  And, if the situation presents itself, we probably shouldn’t shower together, either.  Trust me.

I am not so sure that this latest incident will be included in the book.  The chapter on accidents is already too big.  So is the one on being stupid.  Even the chapter on deck building is getting up there.  We  may, however, spin off an off-the-grid first aid supplement.  We’ll see.

This book challenge is starting to come together. We can see a theme.  It will be a comic tragedy with strong elements of your basic slasher/horror movie.  But we’re going for a happy ending.

Closing scene: cut to an empty bed, slowly pan left to an open window with a curtain bending in the wind.  Cue a framed photograph of a happy couple situated on the bedside table, an empty bottle of sleeping pills is juxtaposed beside a brochure for a Caribbean cruise.  And a big yellow taxi is just pulling away from the house.




1 thought on “Vegetating

  1. Considering the alternatives aleast you can see the ocean and smell the sea breezes which is just one of many reasons for leaving your cul-de-sac.


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