Timing is everything


Sal went to town today.  By herself.  She had to take a battery, the dogs, a bunch of things-to-return and, of course, she’ll come back with totes, coolers, food, another battery and the dogs in tow.  A few hundred pounds going out.  Almost double that coming back.  Knowing her, she’ll pick up a few off-the-list items, too.  She’ll be busy.

She dressed for it, though.  Probably got twenty layers.  Looks like a member of an Arctic Expedition.  Think: cute Pilsbury Dough-girl.  In red.

Her boat is the Miata-of-the-sea.  Eleven and a half feet long, almost five feet wide and probably only six inches or so deep.  To me, it is more of a saucer than a boat but she likes it.  It’s her size, ergonomically speaking.  She fits.  It also zooms.  The 15hp Suzuki pushes her along at a good clip and she gets that sports-car feel.

It’s mid-December on the wet coast.  Temperatures are pretty benign right now and the seas are unusually calm so she has chosen a good day.  But the key word is ‘day’.  There is not much of it.  It’ll be dark at four.  Or, at least, dark-ish.  By five, I’ll be looking into a black void.  We are both hoping she gets back before then.

Big risk?  Not really.  But then again, neither is working on a deck.  Accidents happen.  The big risk is not that an accident happens (’cause they do) but really it is about the ‘leeway’ in addressing it.  The time of day is critical.  Is there enough help at hand?  Is there enough daylight?  Will she be warm enough?  That kind of thing.  Basically risk out here goes from ‘oops’ to ‘bloody hell’ a bit more rapidly than in town.

After dark, it starts at ‘bloody hell’.

I don’t worry so much about her screwing up.  She knows her stuff.  But sometimes an accident happens anyway and requires a bit of assistance in the extrication and, out here, there are few passers-by.  Ya kinda hafta fix things yourself.  ‘Who ya gonna call?’  Nobody.  No phone reception. Who ya gonna wave down?  Nobody.  ‘Specially after dark.

Am I worried?  ‘Course not!  Complete confidence.  Total.

It is 2:30 pm.

I’ll start to worry in two hours.

Epilogue:  4:45.  She just pulled in.  Gonna wrangle a stray log and then unload the boat.  Should be warm and dry by 5:30.  Whew!

4 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. No! Damn dogs got it soft! We got a pack for Fid but Sal never wants him to wear it. “Not very cute”. We got pussy-dogs! I’d like to load ’em down and hitch them to a wagon, ya know? But, no. Poor dears.
    Still, to be fair, they can’t carry much. Anyways, their toys alone would fill the pack! Add their food and ‘blankies’ and they couldn’t move.
    Oooohhhhhhh…….don’t get me started.


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