People and birds are revolting

My numbers (daily readers) dropped off precipitously the more I talked about my butt.  You’d think there’d be more interest in that, wouldn’t you?  Apparently not. I am stunned!  Maybe I should include more pictures?

The ravens have not been around much at all.  Like, never.  They seem to be avoiding us these past few weeks.  Which is fine.  I am still a little ticked over the freezer raid but I would not expect that to be conveyed in any meaningful way to the ravens.  It is not like we talk!  And, even if my annoyance was conveyed somehow, they have a reputation for enjoying that kind of thing.  So, I don’t quite get it.  Ravens!  ‘Can’t live with ém, can’t seem to live without ém.’

Dogs got shampooed and shorn when Sal went to town the other day.  Sal likes to get them ready for Xmas.  But, really!  Think about that.  Ready for Xmas.  Dogs!?   What is a sane man to do?

Mind you, I may not be so sane.  How can one remain sane these days?  Got my Gold Card yesterday in the mail.  No books.  No movies.  But I got a Gold Card.  I’ve read it front to back.  Even looked it up on the net.  It is my gold ‘officially-a-senior’ card.  Seems I can use it to get on the bus.  We don’t even have roads!

I get a free ride on the ferry on four of the five weekdays but, of course, I pay for the car.  Who do they think they are kidding?  How many people live within walking distance of the ferry?  And, of course, they keep raising the fee for the car.  How am I supposed to remain sane in light of that?

Ya know who is starting to look sane to me?  Egyptians!  Yeah, I know………I am surprised by that, too……..  Seems the Egyptians don’t believe what their government is telling them and so they are protesting in the thousands.  On the streets!  24/7.  And this after having protested the last government out of office.  These guys are saying, “We don’t trust you!”

Wow!  Who woulda thunk it?  The first to wake up and protest decades of entrenched political lies would be the Egyptians!?  Just as the BIG CONSTANT LIE seems to be the benign-but-standard ‘ BS message at the end of the day as we all strive to go forward‘, they say, “LIES!”

You’d think the cry of ‘LIE’ would come first from the Americans, wouldn’t you?  I mean the American Dream has been packed and shipped overseas.  They are left homeless with a shopping cart full of cheap plastics.  Your basic American should be ticked.  So, of course, should Canadians because, well, we are the tail on their dog and we have had a radical shift to the fascist right from decades of identifying with the corrupt Liberal left.  ‘Course we may just still be in shock.

Regardless, we should all be ticked.

One might expect REVOLUTION to have come from the Japanese……I mean, poor ol’, brain-washed corporate Japanese-man has been downsized and irradiated.  Where’s he gonna go?

Doesn’t matter where you look, people all over the world have a right to be outraged by their governments but I just never expected the Egyptians to be the ones at the head of the protest.  I am proud of them.  I am pulling for them.  They are standing up and getting counted. God/Allah bless them.

Like most Canadians (and Americans), I will just sit back on my black and blue butt and watch how it plays out.  I may be disgusting but I should be revolting.



4 thoughts on “People and birds are revolting

  1. Hmmmmmm……..? Is that what you got? NOT pride in the Egyptians? Not frustration over my limp gold card? Sorry. My fault. I am not being clear enough. I really need to get outside and hammer some nails. It helps.


  2. As you have previously explained it will some time before you walk like an Egyptian. Not sure I get the gold member references but do you have many ATM options on the island? As to are you being too obtuse…hardly. And you are prescient to a point about the world wide spread of amnesia. But if this amnesia stuff is to change people will need to leave their cacoons and conceptually internalize the scope of the problems. For example the size of the floating garbage in the Pacific is about two times the size of Texas and the floating garbage patch in the Atlantic is estimated to be hundreds of kilometers across in size. Plus the Japanese tsunami debris are arriving daily on the West Coast. But the key Mom and Pop moment is that they pick up after their pets and they recycle but they vote for parties that have inverted priorities that favour deregulation/destruction of the environment. Amnesia is clearly one of the main priorities… to ‘Chicken Little’ to demagogue the Elizabeth Mays of planet Amnesia. What have you got?


    • In Canada (or maybe it is just BC) the official ‘senior citizen’ card is gold. Once you get that, you get ‘senior’s discounts’. The government issues it. It is basically your ‘health care’ card that they gild to make special and so that it can pass for authentication of my age to anyone offering discounts. As if my wrinkles, limps and sags didn’t already do that!
      Yeah, that floating plastic garbage thing………..unbelievably disgusting. Mind you, garbage occupies space somewhere. Thinking otherwise is kidding ourselves.
      “What have I got?” Not much. Mostly laments and fears, anger and loathing, disgust and revulsion. But I would suggest that we somehow combine the greed gene with the green one and get on a 100 year ‘clean up’. That might make for a start.


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