Blues comin’ on


OK……………This is weird.  But I really need some wood.

I know!

I know what you are thinking, too,  “Dave, you got wood up the ying yang!” and that is true. I do.  I got logs on the beach, on the pile, in rounds and as firewood.  I got logs.  Hell, sometimes they just float by!  But I need usable wood.  Builder’s wood.  I need planks.  I need beams.  I need plywood.  It’s a weird thing, this.  It really is.  I feel deprived not having wood lumber at my disposal. I feel constrained.  I feel poor.

Worse, I feel lost!  I need wood to do my projects and, now that I am no longer disabled by blindness, smashed hips and other stupid (mostly self-inflicted) obstacles, I wanna get a’buildin’.  A man’s gotta do. But a man’s gotta do with wood!

It’s not just me, either.  Sal is kinda ‘itchin’ to get back on the worksite.  Well, maybe ‘itchin’ is stretching it a bit but she is saying, “Gee, ya know, we really need to have more of a wood supply.  I mean, we don’t have any 2×6’s!  What kind of a gong show we runnin’ here!?  Shouldn’t we always have some 2×6’s at the very least?”

(To fully appreciate Sally’s different take on this, think of what most women would be saying….“Geez, this place has no flour, sugar or salt.  I can’t even find tea bags!  What kind of a place is this!?” ).  Sal now sees 2×6’s as a staple, like raw tuna, rice, wasabi and soy sauce (yes, she has a different perspective on a lot of things now).

Two by sixes are the staple of DIY building.  But only by a small margin.  You really need 2×12’s, too, if you are going to do stairs.  And, when you live on a slope as we do, you have to do stairs.  So, for us, 12’s are almost a staple, too.

Plywood.  Ya need plywood.  Lots of plywood.  And we have used up all our plywood.  I feel naked without plywood.

The other day we needed some 6 inch lag screws for some log assembly and I went into my pile of junk and came out with what we needed.  Exactly.  Then we needed some long carriage bolts.  Back to the supply shed and voila!  There they were.  Brilliant.  Having stuff on hand is a necessity out here.  You just can’t ‘run to the store all the time.  Not very easily.  Much better to buy a hardware store and bring it all here in the beginning.  And I practically did.  But it is hard to buy a lumber yard and bring all of that in the beginning.  Lumber is one of those things you buy-as-you-build.

Still, you should have a good, generous amount of ‘general purpose’ lumber on site at all times. You just should.  Hard to explain.  Trust me.

This could be a hard time for me…….over the next few days……………got no wood.  Nice weather.  No rain.  Feelin’ good.  Got a partner.  Got a plan.  Got a project.   (now cue in the accompaniment with a 12-bar blues guitar)………

My baby done left me.  So did my dog.  But I tried to do the best I could. Oh yeah.

But now I got no, got no, got no wood.  Got no woodLord a’ hep me, I got no wood. 

3 thoughts on “Blues comin’ on

  1. ’ve got the pit saw blues
    my wood pile is down, so down
    Ain’t got no 2 by 6’s
    ain’t got no 2 by 12’s
    my lumber pile is dwindling
    it’s time to go down,
    to the pit saw,.
    I need some sawdust in my hair.
    And when I finish sawing I’m gona cut my self veneer.
    Cause my pywood stack down, so down.


  2. I’m of the same ‘frame’ of mind. My dad always had a stash of lumber. 2X2s, 4s, 6s, 8s. Even . . . usually some 2x12s!!! Plywood! all left over from some project or the other. My husband thinks that on each project we should use up every board foot of lumber. He doesn’t see the need for left overs. Sometimes I haul 2x4s home in the back of the SUV just because I can : )


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