Careful what you wish for

Phone rang that night – the one ending the day in which I had posted my wood need.  “Heard ya lookin’ fer some wood, eh?”

And so my need for dead vegetative matter in the form of planks was answered promptly.  I went up yesterday to pick it up from the public dock.  Fir.  Thick and heavy.  The 2×12’s must have weighed 10 pounds a lineal foot.

Tide was out.  Of course.  So the boards came down the ramp the hard way (carried one at a time) and then schlepped along the wharf to the boat where I placed them specifically so that the boat was loaded properly.  After loading it, off I go.  Slowly.  Down the coast in a mild sou’ easter.  Not rough.  Just a little cold and wet.  Eventually I got home and tied the boat up.  I’ll unload and sling ’em up the hill later today.  I got about 18-20 pieces.  It is a start.

This made me happy.

How weird is that?

There is no question that I am happier living here and there is also no question that I am made happier by simpler things.  Wife, whales and wolves, for starters.  Water and wood coming along next. And that is just the ‘W’s.  And not all of them!

The ‘D’s are good.  Dinner is always BIG.

It is probably just age.  But, honestly, it takes less and less to make me happier and happier.  That may be weird but it is also pretty good.  Bodes well for the future. I don’t see too many fancy doo-dahs in my future.  But I see dinner.

Like I said, it may just be age but I think it is partly a function of living simpler and living in the forest.  Somehow – and I have no explanation for this – just living in the forest is happifying.  Kind of a natural therapy.  Henry David Thoreau wrote about that.  And he was right.

Works for me.  Works for Sal.  And I was talking to the wood guy and it works for him, too.  In fact, I was talking to another neighbour the other day and we were comparing notes on town trips.  I said, “If I never went to town for the rest of my life, I would be happy.  Just as soon stay here.  All day.  Every day.  Doesn’t sound healthy but it is what I feel.  I hate going to town.”

“I feel the same way but that has to be some kind of weird, don’t you think?  I mean, shouldn’t we want to see people and stores and new toys and stuff?  Wouldn’t staying away make us hermits, kinda?  And aren’t hermits weird?”

“Not to me.  Not anymore.  And, anyway, I’ve always got you.

“OK.  NOW it’s definitely gettin’ weird”.




1 thought on “Careful what you wish for

  1. You want fun try a 2×12 wet hemlock 24 footer as it rolls off the planer chain and whips your body as you catch the end and put it on a pile. Nothing like a nine hour shift on the planer chain. Enough to get a kid to go back to school.


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