Some time ago I told you of my small-city-guy neighbour’s houseboat project.  Well, it is underway again.  Last weekend he came out and all hell broke loose, lumber flyin’ around and getting erected.  Makin’ off-cuts.  Saws whining, hammers hammering.  Whoosh!  Bang!  Typically, this guy works hard and fast and, once he gets going, he is a machine.  Things get done.  Makes me tired just watchin’.  I half expect him to be finished by the time I’ve written this.

Pictures will follow.

The other ‘Big-city-guy’ came up this week.  He works hard, too, but he brings rain.  Unbelievable.  If he goes to town, it rains.  If he comes up, it rains.  The guy is a regular Joe Btfsplk.  It’s a curse.  But, I confess, it amuses me.  In August, in the middle of a ten-day streak of sunshine, he announces he is going to town for supplies.  And I watch the storm clouds gather.  By the time he has shopped and returned, the rain lets up.  This is true well in excess of 80% of the time.  He is a true rain-maker.  We could rent him out to California.

But it is nice to see him up here.  He loves it.

First W’fer of the year wrote looking for a place to volunteer.  We’ll likely take her in for the wood-cutting week.  Makes things go easier if we can get a labour-chain going.  Plus I like having a young person to boss around.  Makes me feel good, ya know?

So Spring is almost here.  All the signs are showing.  It’s all good.




3 thoughts on “Briefly……

  1. Don’t abuse yourself! Underwear is a personal choice, of course, and I am inclined to the underwear school of fresh air and a breeze if you must know. Let my people free!


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