MMA Mother

I was happy outside in shirtsleeves working on my deck.  Sal was up at the bunkhouse learning to make sourdough bread.  Early afternoon.  It was sunny.  Life was good.

When I saw her returning, I went in to put the water on for tea.  She arrived and we sat down to a nice cuppa.  The clouds seemed to roll in pretty quickly after that.  Within 20 minutes it was dark-ish outside. Windy.  And cold.  Ten minutes later it was snowing!

For the next 45 minutes we watched in horror as the wind raged and the snow came in screaming horizontal sheets obliterating our view of the outside.  Couldn’t see twenty feet from the house! It looked like a scene from Jack London.  It felt like Yellowknife in January.

And so we sipped our second cup of tea, put another log on the fire and wondered which episode of the Twilight Zone we were now in.


Forty-five minutes after that the snow stopped and a few minutes after that sun peeked through.  Within the hour, we were bathed in sunshine, sky clear as a bell.  Sal shrugged on her jacket and went out to play with the dogs.  I went out, cleaned up my work site and started the sushi rice for dinner.

The Snow Thug was gone.

Now, don’t get me wrong……we’ve had snow before.  This is Canada. We know snow.  But I have never known Hit-and-Run snowRogue snowSnow Blitzkrieg.  I have never encountered a mini, nano-term, snow tempest on an otherwise sunny day.  At sea level!?

What is going on?

OK.  It is not global warming.  It is not global change.  It is not global anything.  I admit that freely.  But it was damn odd.

And I blame the oil companies.

Only kidding.  I can’t blame the oil companies for an anomaly in the weather.  I already blame them for enough as it is.  Just about everything, actually.  Well, them and Harper, the CIA and Globalization.  But I think I can let them all off the hook for that little tempest.  But, of course, like most people, the thought crosses my mind.  It does make me wonder how a snowstorm can hit like an outlaw MMA fighter in the middle of the day.  It really felt like we were being ‘mugged’ by Mother Nature.

What is the world coming to?






3 thoughts on “MMA Mother

  1. Well it’s all about knowing the difference between weather and climate which you obviously do. Jet stream is currently pulling cold Arctic air down the west coast and you get a pocket of cold air and bingo a snow squall. I was crossing the Second Narrows this morning and at mid span a mini snow storm but ten minutes later on Dundarave sunny and warm. But why am I telling you this, it came from your region and is currently making its way towards Bellingham perplexing all the way. Mark Twain wrote, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” Now used ubiquitously to describe the weather where ever. If you do not like the weather in Snag Yukon where one February morning it hit minus 62.2 oC wait three months. More Snag cold air heading your way.


  2. oh yeah . . . I blame the oil companies for everything too. hahaha! anyway, good post. I did enjoy the randomness of your snow storm. As long as it is your snow storm and not mine.


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