The Chinese curse

Interesting times……….

He who says out loud first what everyone else is already thinking is dubbed brilliant (i.e. Malcolm Gladwell).  He who says out loud what is true but which no one has been thinking is a genius (Einstein).

I find that I often say out loud something that was already clearly debunked in the Vancouver Sun or even Reader’s Digest a few months back so my status as a thinker is pretty low on the register.  Still, I can’t help saying stuff out loud.  Often.  I think I operate on the theory that if you have no clue, say a lot of stuff out loud and hope some things may turn out to be right.  By luck.  Kind of a personal variation on Big Mouth mixing it up with the law of big numbers.

I didn’t say that the Canucks would implode early because he who says out loud what is too bloody obvious and everyone already knows it, is a doofus.  But I was tempted.

I could say that the NDP will likely form the next provincial government but I have never ever predicted an election right and I don’t want to curse them.  So, on that score, I have to keep quiet.  Mind you, I do want to curse the Liberals but in a more profane way.  Well, in every way.  So, I’ll keep that to myself also.

I will predict that this will be a hot summer.  ‘Cause, OHMYGAWD!  We had temps of 25C/80+F in the first few days of May already.  The prawn fishery will be bleak.  Real estate prices will go lower….still.  The NDP will screw up early and often.  Jimmy Pattison will hire Christy Clark (I have no idea what that is about but it is likely).  The Green party, regardless if they get any seats will have become a much more credible political force as a result of this election.  It is not because of Jane Sterk – it is because their platform is starting to make sense.  They are talking economy now and other important issues.  Whew!

I think Harper is done.  I hate the idea of a spoiled brat, no-nothing using his name to lead a political party but the Federal Liberals will regenerate from  choosing Justin Trudeau.  It is disgusting.  But it is true.  Ugh!  And the Fed NDP are staying the course and, tho not gaining in strength, they are not losing it.   Harper (cagey politician that he is) is still simply alienating people and doing bad stuff.  That has to have consequences.

The quiet revolution will continue apace.  Digitally.  And locally.  Life will change.  Things will change.  Work, food, homes….family structure and culture will change.  More radically.  Faster.  It has to.  The boomers are bowing out and Gen X and Y are way more adaptable to change and more comfortable with it.  That will show up more and more.

Plus the rest of the world is on the move.

Here’s a weird one: Animals are on the move, too.  You will start to see different animals in different places.  Yep!  You heard it here first (well, I read it in an old Reader’s Digest).  Just for instance: an Eastern Gannet has been living off California on the Farallon Islands for over a year.  They are a North Atlantic bird.  This the only one to have ever shown up there.  The first one, actually.  Animals are already moving off traditional routes in their adaption efforts from the urban coyotes and raccoons to the explosion of feral/domestic cats in the wild. Bees, amphibians, mosquitoes.  The whole bio-world is adapting to climate change.

While we still (in a few places) argue climate change, deer populations are exploding, salmon, caribou and polar bear populations are declining and anything that can move is.  I think we will be reading more about this….for what that is worth.

The Chinese Curse:  “May we all live in interesting times”.



5 thoughts on “The Chinese curse

  1. “By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”


    • Nah. Just made that up in my humble, self-deprecating way. But, if you want to read about something remaining constant and yet still being interesting see the link to Cicadas at


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