Sally went all native on me……..

Cedar Canoe Bailer

Cedar Canoe Bailer

Our neighbours over the way are pretty funkyThey know this kind of lifestyle (off-the-grid) and they like to live it. They grow, they build, they forage and they ‘craft’ stuff.  They can ‘go native’ with the best of them.  All of it is pretty neat.  They are pretty neat.

One day when we were visiting, Sally admired a cedar basket they had and, of course, that led to them saying, “Well, you can make them, you know?  And this is the right time of the year to do it.  Waddya say we go get materials tomorrow and make some?”

Gathering Basket Material

Gathering Material

I demurred claiming that I had to clean my room and wash my hair but Sal was keen and so this morning they all headed off in moccasins, so to speak.   A while later they came back with some cedar strips and, wanting to include me, they came to our back deck where I was working on a little side-table from ‘found’ materials…but with clean hair. We all sat down to ‘do’ baskets.

And then another local, ‘can-do-anything-type’ dropped by.  Since I hadn’t foraged and I wasn’t an expert in anything, I was dispatched to make tea and gather goodies.  “Would you like sugar and milk with that?  Can I get you another napkin?”



Normally I limit my gracious-hosting to scotch-pouring (and sushi-making) but this time I had to be the chatelaine.  I was pretty good.  Gracious to a fault.  Perhaps lacking in the charm and visual appeal somewhat.

Removing outer bark

Removing outer bark

While I was busy scurrying about looking after them, they got busy.  And the pictures testify to their work and skill.  An hour or so out foraging in the woods, a couple of hours spent crafting and drinking tea and eating sushi (yes, I had made some the day before and it was still presentable) and the day was half done.

Pleating the ends

Pleating the ends

Carving a handle

Carving a handle

Residing in paradise, living with Pocahantas, enjoying myself all the time…..well, it isn’t as easy as it looks. Sometime it is me who has to make the tea!


First stage done

First stage completed

3 thoughts on “Sally went all native on me……..

  1. Nice little basket? NICE LITTLE BASKET!!! This is way, way more than a nice little basket, my friend. This was as good an example of our entertainment as you are going to see on any kind of scale. Off-the grid entertainment. Like log-catching. Like builidng. Friends, sushi, handi-crafts. This is what we do. This is what we do instead of watching TV or sitting in front of a ‘screen’. People ask us (now and then) ‘Geez, Dave, what do you do all day?” The implication is that we are playing banjo while the still makes ‘shine and the flies settle on my face. Now you know. We make baskets!
    And, in the US, they give degrees for this sort of thing.


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