Getting out (there) now and then

On our way back from town, down the old logging road, I turned the corner and saw two space aliens on the road!

Well, one was on the road where it widens at the turn and the other was on the little bridge over the creek that flowed into the lake.  It, she, he was looking down into it.

“What the hell is that!?” said Sal

“Vulcans”, I said knowingly.  “Get ready to be probed!”

Both creatures were dressed in black, baggy, sponge-like pajamas with a neat shiny symbol (kinda like a Hyundai) on the middle of their chests.  They had a few loose belts or tubes or hoses or something hangin’ off them as well.  They had flat lead-like plates on their suits and weird, floppy epaulets on their shoulders.  And they were kinda waddling.

I slowed the vehicle to a stop and rolled down the window.  “Pardon me”,  I said, “Klingons?  Vulcans, perhaps?”

“Well, we are aliens, alright, that’s for sure!  But not space aliens, we are Texans.  From the University of Texas.  We are divers doing research on the Stickleback in this creek.  This is one of the few places in the world we can watch them nest and breed.”  

I narrowed my eyes and affected the look of a rube-in-the-sticks (not in the least difficult once you know how), “Now that is something an alien would say to throw an earthling off the scent.  Ain’t no such thing as Texas scuba divers working in creeks!!  I know that.  Now I am really suspicious. I have half a mind to call my leader!  So, whacha really doin’ ’round here?  Gonna do some probing?”

“Unh, no.  Really.  Research on Sticklebacks.  Honest!”

We bid them good luck and left unprobed and maybe just a little disappointed.  ‘Maybe it was my breath?’

“At the very least.” said Sal

One of our neighbour-friends is from the southern States.  Louisiana.  We had just seen her on the ferry.  We really like her.  She’s a spunky, yoga, happy hippy-chick the same age as me.  Looks younger, moves younger and talks a mile.  Just spent the last five days driving like hell for almost 4000 miles and sleeping in her Toyota.  Said it was 105 degrees much of the way til she got past the Divide.  Bush fires in Colorado, near hurricane in Louisiana, tornadoes in Oklahoma.  “Geez, it’s good to see the green cool beauty of BC.  I just love it here!”

Just another town day.  But they are getting shorter and farther between.  Sal had to see the dentist at 11:00 and, while that personal hell was being handled, I handled the chores.  Left a few undone.  We were on the 2:30 ferry.  Home just after 5:00.  Total town time?  Maybe 3 hours.  Total travel, schlepping, boating, packing and town time?  7 or 8.  Feeling when it is done?  Priceless with a much heavier MasterCard.

“It sure is good to be home, isn’t it?  I mean, this is like a sanctuary, a paradise, a shelter from the madness…..right?”

“Sweetie, we’ve just been gone a few hours….”

“Yeah, I know.  But, honest to God, it feels like pure relief getting home now, don’t you think?”  

“Yeah.  It does.  I know what you mean.  I’d prefer to stay home, too, but I wouldn’t wamt to miss the aliens.”


2 thoughts on “Getting out (there) now and then

  1. ‘Mericans abound round here but they are hard to notice like those stickebacks in your local stream. Stickleebacks build nests, attract mates, protect territories, raise a brood, adapt to changing conditions and live socially. No wonder those ‘Mericans wanta study them fish that act almost human. I remember the time in ’63 I ran into some scientists that claimed they were studying the flat footed fly genus seri one of them necrotizing types. Ya death they are also interested in death.


  2. Well, the way I see it is that just about every ‘Merican I have ever met, I have liked. Friendly, outgoing, generous and kinda whacked – what’s not to like? But then again, I have never met Rumsfeld, Nixon, Cheney or Bush so my impressions have been influenced by the ‘commoners’. I kinda like the ‘commoners’. Gotta bit of fondness for Meg Ryan, too.


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