Christy and the Epaulets

Oh My Gawd!!  It is so embarrassing.  I am literally ashamed.  Gawd!!

For those of you who do not live in BC the following may seem a bit odd but it is so weird, I have to mention it.  I am talking about a recent minor arrest made into an epic media stunt.

I am ashamed of our government.  I am so ashamed of our government.  I am ashamed of our police forces.  And I am even a little ashamed of our local terrorists, too.

I am ashamed for all their picayune, mini, nano-mind set, pettiness and melodrama.  If it weren’t so embarrassing, it would make for good fodder for a Disney comedy.  What a farce!  What a joke!  What poppycock!

It is not even a tempest in a crock pot.

Two nut bars in the Valley are idiot-followers of Al-Queda and all things explosive and insane.  One of them appropriately named, Nuttal, wouldn’t ya know? These two loons gathered up some pressure cookers and, after studying up on the internet, made a few ‘nail-bombs’.  And I guess they planned to put them on the grounds of the legislature and hurt some people.  So far, pretty nutty by any standards.

I would hope that the part-time security guard there would have dealt with it.

But, No!  This was fodder for prime time.  At this stage I am just ashamed for the would-be terrorists.  I mean, really?!  Pressure cookers and nails?  Couldn’t any basic terrorist do better than that?  Where are your boxcutters, your Anthrax powders?  Haven’t you doofuses learned of Marsec?

Anyway, these mini-brains got the billing of terrorists but they were not very scary.  I doubt very much that any one of the security force couldn’t have ‘taken them down’ at any time.  Maybe the legislature Commissionaire could have done it?

But, instead, they were followed.  For months.  We (the taxpayer) spent millions.  We used up precious resources.  Like Inspector Clouseau used resources.  But it turns out they were not part of any major plots.  They were not part of any organization.  The bombs weren’t gonna explode.  They were just losers.  Complete idiots.

The Fraser Valley is full of ’em.

They were originally found out by CSIS who in turn contacted police, government security and all the Henny Penny’s in braids and epaulets who just love all this crap.

“Quick!  Get out the helicopter!  Notify SWAT!  Notify the media!  Get on your riot gear and jump on someone’s back!”

So, since February, it seems, cloaks and daggers were at work.  I guess they followed these two goofs like shadows awaiting the right time……but the right time for what? 

Well, it was too good an opportunity to squander by simply arresting them, wasn’t it?  So the police called the Premier.  And, after a nice confab, then they were arrested.  And they were arrested on the Canada Day long Weekend.

Good timing!

And our premier went to the media extolling the virtues, skills and bravery, the dedication and professionalism and……...on and on and on………about how our police and security forces who have once again protected us against terror.  She made it clear that “We will not allow this kind of threat to deter or frighten us, that we would stand resolute and strong against such terrorism and that Democracy and our values were safe!”

She did a lot on Democracy (for an unelected premier) and our values as Canadians.  She was really, really brave.

And that is the embarrassing part.  It was just a couple of kooks.  Nuts.  Goofballs.  But it was milked for propaganda purposes.  Like we are all idiots.

Two nutbars in the Valley are being used to sell us on our brave Premier and our brave fighting forces.  And our benevolent government.  Thank God for these brave souls!

But, fear not, good citizens, Christy and the Epaulets will save us.

It is truly embarrasing.

3 thoughts on “Christy and the Epaulets

  1. Well she needs to spread fear and she does. Fear, equivocations and ginning up the base. Now she stands between her base and jahad! Now if she were to try to show some leadership and offer some policies the province might get out of this stagnation.


  2. I made a similar comment to my blog on a news post. People wrote in after me and showed agreement – that this was less than a story about terror than it was about government propaganda. I was pleased to see that people saw through that crap. Later in the day I went back to the same newspost to read more comments. “Sorry, the comment section is closed due to legalities.” Or something like that. They closed down the comment section because people were saying the story was nonsense!! Maybe someone said something that I didn’t see. Maybe there was a legal reason. All I know was that the people noticed that the empress wasn’t wearing any clothes and said so. And then the page was closed. I am not paranoid. I’m just sayin’…….


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