Summertime and the livin’ is easy…..

…..well, it is for us, anyway.  We are enjoying life and this time of year.  A lot!  It is gorgeous.  Even tho the province has been going through somewhat of a heat wave, our particular location is breezy and lovely.  It couldn’t be better.

We are very lucky.

It wasn’t always thus.  Life has thrown us curveballs now and again and we are – like most people, I guess –  somewhat worn smooth by the wear and tear of the old daily grind.  To some extent.  Not all my sixty-five years were bliss.  But, honestly, with very few minor exceptions, the bulk of the last ten years has been as good as it gets.  In truth, my life after being a teen has all been good or on the way to getting better.  I was very fortunate and I am now very happy.

Go figure.

I am still surprised.

And the funny thing is that so much of what was truly great in my life was not because of any brilliance or hard work on my part.  Or anyone else’s.  It was not due to planning or even really conscious effort.  The vast majority of that which is the best that life has given was, seemingly, just plain dumb luck.  There has to be a lesson in there somewhere…………..

And, if that is the lesson, my teacher is Sally.  As my wife always puts it:  “Attitude is everything!”

That is the real lesson.

I guess that is what I am saying.  It is summertime and we have really good attitudes. 

4 thoughts on “Summertime and the livin’ is easy…..

  1. Garden is exploding! Stuff everywhere! Sheesh. Even the Kale looks and tastes good. Who knew?
    I doubt that I will ever be much of a gardener but Sal is on it and she is getting good. I’ll haul ashes, kelp, compost, fertilizer and fetch dirt. I’ll even build a greenhouse. But fussing over little green shoots and leaves is not really my thing. Eating them is something else again. He eats shoots and leaves or he eats, shoots and leaves (title of a book on writing, grammar and punctuation).


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