Well, talk about that word……

‘Member that last post?  That Cantonese word for serendipity?

OK….so Sal and I are in the town ten days or so ago doing some shopping.  We are in the grocery store and Sal is looking at Bok Choy trying to figure out what is good and what is not so good.  An Asian woman was standing next to her (about our age) and Sal asked for her recommendation.  Seems she was from Edmonton and on vacation on the island next door to us.  She was with her husband who was pretty ill.  We didn’t have much to say to that but it was clear that ‘ill’ meant soon-departing.  Maybe.  That is what it felt like.  I gave her our address.  “Hey, if you are bored give us a call and we’ll pick you up, give you a boat ride and it might be a nice outing for you.”

A bit of an odd response to a casual chat about Bok Choy with a stranger, don’t you think? 

And today, they did!  They called!  So I picked them up, brought them over and introduced them to the kids.  Everyone had lunch, talked a mile a minute (much of it in Cantonese) and a few hours later, I dropped them back on the other side.  It had, indeed, been a nice outing.  And the husband explained that he may indeed be soon departing.  Lots of bad stuff going on healthwise for him.

It was sad but somehow still a pleasant day.

Before they left, they said something that sounded like, ‘Yow Yoon’.  I think it might be spelled ‘yau yuen’We all looked at them!!  That was the name of the tea we had.  That was the word that meant serendipity or fate or destiny or fortuitous meeting or something.  That was the word that we had all discussed the day before.  That was the word that prompted yesterdays blog!

And, most weirdly, little butterfly, we had given that spontaneous invitation ten days before!

I dunno….maybe you had to be there.  But it felt like a circle closing, a point being made, some sort of weird thing just happened.  Fate was playing a small joke.  And, funnily enough, everyone got the joke.  We all laughed as if we understood what had just happened.  We hadn’t.  But it kinda felt like we did.

Yau Yuen, eh?  Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Well, talk about that word……

  1. Yes. Of course. It may not be any kind of ‘magic’ at all. Just your everyday, run-of-the-mill coincidence. It is just that it had a few exotic elements, is all. I guess. I sometimes make a dramatic story from mundane events. It is my style. Wolves on roads….ho hum……. I really need to embrace my British background more and understate rather than overstate. But where am I gonna find a good role model?


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