Fun, senior style

Girls/women (they are over 19, after all) got up early this morning, hiked to the beach and had some raw oysters for breakfast.  On the spot dining.

I dunno…………..?

This is the kinda thing that makes their visit so interesting.  Yesterday afternoon, I taught them to chop wood.  They loved it!  First request: “Can you give us more wood to chop?”  So, today I will get another log.  Bigger this time.

Bear in mind that the splitting maul weighs ten percent of their individual body weight.  Just lifting it is a strain.  And swinging it is enough to send them reeling off in all directions.  It usually takes a few minutes of concentrated focus just to get the maul landing anywhere near the target round and the first ‘hit’ invariably just bounces inneffectively off leaving the wood completely unharmed.  Bystanders, on the other hand, have to dance around to keep out of the way!  Average elapsed time to splitting a small piece of wood specially chosen for ease of destruction is 30 to 40 minutes.  Six small 6-inch rounds provided entertainment for several hours.

Who needs TV?

Weather is great.  Young people are having fun.  The days are racing by.  And Sal and I are exhausted!  There is no substitute for youth, of course, and we are not expected to keep up but our guests are used to napping at the oddest of times.  And so they keep recharging!!

Because each one of them commutes for at least an hour every day on the subway alone, they have learned to ‘kip’ out and snatch moments of rest in an otherwise incredibly busy Hong Kong lifestyle.  It does not sound like they are used to sleeping for eight hours at a time, instead snatching one, two and four hours stretches more commonly.

Out here they go like mad for a few hours, conk out for one and then go like mad again.  Just watching is tiring for me.  Leading them in various activities is a major challenge and only handled by sharing the chores.  Yesterday a neighbour came by and took them sightseeing by boat for a few hours.  The day before another took them for two hours of yoga.  And we have my daughter and her fiancé as well.

It is barely enough!

Mind you, that is more a statement about us than them.  We are slowing down some, living easier, out of the madding crowd.  We are half-speed compared to ten years ago.  Maybe slower.  And I have written of that before.  But usually I am comparing our pace with that of our previous one – when we were working and raising a family in the city.  But their’s is a pace several times faster than our busiest of times.  Hong Kong makes the Canadian pace of life look like a vacation.

Different generations, different cultures, different everything…………..our only real commonality is a wonderful curiousity of each other.  And it is enough to keep us all royally entertained.            

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