A bit overdue…….

….for an update…. and it ain’t all rosy….

Everyone’s gone.  Clean-up now.  Replenishing, repairing, sorting – for a few days, anyway.  Usually that is just the prelude to getting our life back together but Sal leaves in a few days to attend a wedding up North.  Gone a week, almost.  It’ll feel like hell.  I generally say, “I live in heaven with an angel.”  But, really, no Sal is hell.  I may have to attend to my own needs.  Damn!  I hate it when that happens.

“Oh, sweetie!  I’ll show where everyting is.  You can make sandwiches and stuff.  I am sure we have some leftovers frozen.  You’ll be fine.”  

And, in a way, she is right.  I’ll be fine.  Of course.  In a way.  I know where everyting is already.  Just have no inclination to go do anything with it.  When Sal leaves, I live on bananas, PB & J (toasted, tho) and tea and scotch.  Sometimes a little licorice.  I pretend that I will cook something but I never do.  So far I have managed to finagle an invitation from a neighbour at least once and that basically tides me over.  In the good ol’ days, I’d just phone for pizza.  So long as Sal was not gone for longer than a week, I was OK.

But I am older now.  My needs are less in some areas, more in others.  So, I’ll get in larger stocks of scotch and bananas, I guess.  Buy green.  And we just signed up for NetFlix and there must be a plethora of cheap B shoot-’em-ups that I can watch without guilt.  It isn’t all bad.

But, honestly…………..I’ll miss her.  We get along pretty well.  We have fun.  It is good, all good.  All very, very good.  Too bad it is all on the heels of a just-finished category 5 visitor storm.  It will feel like an open air mausoleum when she goes.  ‘Course, I got the dogs….

It’ll be hell!

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