Blessed and cursed

July looks like it may be a record breaker this year.  Virtually no rain at all.  When we are out of the cool breeze we enjoy on our deck, the temperature can climb pretty quickly.  It can get pretty hot for us – pushing 30C.

Our guests sometimes don sweaters.  A blessing and a curse.

Seems 30C with a cool breeze is considered ‘very cool’ in Hong Kong.  This global warming thing may work out just fine for the Chinese.  For me?  Not so much.

I am warm.  Naturally.  T-shirt in 12C (56F), shirt-with sleeves at 6C (44F) and a light jacket – maybe at 4C (40F).  It has to be freezing and raining before I feel the cold very much at all.  I am a bit warm at 60 degrees and too hot at 72.  After 80 degrees F I am in a torpid stupor.  Global cooling would be preferable.  A mini ice age might be a bit much.  Maybe, maybe not.

It is partly an outdoors thing.  Sal used to feel the so-called cold at 72 degreesF.  Now she feels warm at that temperature.  Her comfort zone has dropped maybe by 6 or so degrees simply by living more and more outside.

The dogs have managed to cope pretty well.  They get shorn now and then and so that helps them deal with the heat but their main way of adjustment is to go swimming.  Well, they ‘dip’, actually.  Several times a day, you’ll see the dogs go down to the beach and just half submerge for a few seconds and then come back.  They have come to know temperature control by body placement.  They follow the sun when it is chilly and they follow the shade when it is warm.  And they submerge when it is really hot.

I think there is a primal instinct to seek a protected placement for one’s house.  It is natural.  I tend to have a similar instinct but, for me, the protection comes from a cool breeze.  I am seeking cool rather than warm.  As a consequence, we have our house out and exposed on a prominatory and it seems to work better for me than being tucked away.  We get the warmth of the sun but it is tempered by the breeze.  And, of course, anyone seeking greater warmth can tuck in the lee of the house.  I guess what I am saying is this: we seem to be ideally placed.

More by accident than conscious choice.

Choosing a cabin site is much more important than just the view or some of the more obvious considerations.  The constant breeze means virtually no bugs, for instance.  And I’m good with that.  I really should analyze how the site ‘works’ for us because there are all sorts of issues that have only arisen in our consciousness after having lived here for years.  The garden placement, the solar panel placement, the shadows of the trees and where they fall…all of this comes into play and into consciousness – over time.  It is quite fascinating really.  I am still learning about where we live and I am only talking about our site.

And just when I thought I was getting a handle on it, they are going to change the climate.

I am living the Chinese blessing and curse: ‘May you live in interesting times’.

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