Yeah.  That’s me.  Not completely but definitely slow-like.  Without Atilla-the-honey here to keep motivating me and supervising, I slow down to a crawl.  Or don’t start up at all.  Woke up at 7:15 this am.  Got out of bed at 8:45.  That hour and a half just went by so blissfully, ya know?  Thinking about stuff, planning stuff, imagining stuff, day-dreamin’….

But that’s done!  Time to clean up, smarten up and put on a clean shirt.  Do all the dishes.  Might even pick up a few towels off the floor.  Sal’s coming back today.

(Can’t do too much cleaning or else she wouldn’t feel at home.)

I haven’t yet told the dogs.  They can’t handle it.  Not in advance, anyway.  When she gets here they’ll be hysterical but we can all wait for that.  No need for them to exhaust themselves in anticipation.  (altho a little dog torture might inadvertently slip out now and then…….”where’s Sally?  WHERE’S Sally?  WHERE’S SALLY?????”)

Total hysteria.

‘Course, I can handle it.  Being mature and all.  No big deal.  Wife goes away.  Wife comes back.  Ho hum.  What else is new?  Nothing to see here, folks.  Just move along.  Go about your business.

But I can already feel the sloth-pace quickening.  I will admit to that!  But, hey!  Waddya expect?  I got a lot of dishes to do!  A man’s gotta do…….

Which reminds me: a 3 kayak flotilla went by yesterday, two parents and a kid.  The kid was about ten or so.  They waved.  I waved. The kid yelled out, “Hey!  Nice cabin ya got…or…house…whatever…..”

“Thanks.  I think of it as heaven.”

“Yeah.  Looks that way to me!”

Kid is ten!  OK, maybe twelve.  Maybe he has pressures.  I don’t know.  But a kid?  Thinkin’ this is heaven?  Zat a sign of the times, or what?  That kids kayaking with their parents have enough stress in their little smart-phone lives that they can relate to this?  To me?  I could almost hear the kid sigh!

Hey!  I got pressures, too!

And….well, I gotta go………..things to do………..towels to pick up…… know…………..pressures

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