The more it changes, the more it remains the same

A lot of people have expressed a desire to live off the grid.  ‘What an adventure!’  And, of course, I encourage that (some of us have to repopulate the planet after the BIG fan gets clogged up with crap!).  Not only is it interesting, challenging, healthy, beautiful and a great experience, it is also a lot of fun.

I am surprised more people aren’t doing it.

Yesterday Sal went to greet a bunch of local First Nations elders to convey them to a meet-and-greet up at the community hall.  And Sal was older than a couple of them.  But a good time was had by all and the guests stayed all day.  It was a good thing.  The irony?  They told Sal that ‘This is such an adventure.  We never get out this far.  It is so remote!’ 

First Nations….never get out this far…?

But that visit was fun.  For the elders, anyway.  Not my kind of fun but others love that kind of stuff.  And I do find it fun that others are enjoying themselves.  So, fun vicariously – for me.

My lumber came so I carted stuff around instead of hobnobbing, eating sandwiches and smiling.  Small talk ain’t my thing.  Monologues, maybe.  I prefer to schlep lumber around.  And, when I finish with that, I can go back to building.  So that’s good, too.

Some German tourists in a renta-boat broke down and our neighbour gave them shelter for the night and food and arranged for repairs.  They then had breakfast.  Broken English and broken boats.  But friendships welded.  More good stuff.

It is a veritable whirlwind of activities in the summer and even tho some of it is exhausting at times, most of it is good and the rest of it is very good.  We are always busy.  It is a good life.

But I think you know that……

I just read a blog by Victoria Gazely, a homesteader on the Sunshine Coast.  She’s kinda into this sort of thing.  My friend’s sister has a blog and they are on Texada.  Same-ish.  And another friend of mine just bought a lovely place not far from here.  Learning is the common theme for all of them.  And learning there shall be!

Every summer some new folks arrive.  And I admit that this summer had an increase in tourism, which I tend to think of as ‘seeding’.  The people who come here to stay had to start with visiting first.  It sometimes feels like this off-the-gridding thing seems to be catching on. There is so much going on out here.

In the summer.

But every winter it all slows down.  Way down.  And someone leaves.  Or dies.  Or gets so old that they are caught in between. It is then that it doesn’t seem so much like a movement.  It is not a sustained current of change.  It is not a trend.  Some people come.  Some go.  Some are learning and others are taking their knowledge with them.  It is a tide of change – in and out.  There may be a smidge of growth for awhile and that seems to be followed by an exodus of one kind or another.

Bottom line: we are like the currents we live amongst, we flow and we ebb and yet we remain much the same.

And I wonder…….  Are we learning anything?


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