Digital dystopia

With the new satellite ISP service comes changes.  Passwords, e-mail addresses, that sort of thing.  I am sure that making those changes is easy for those of you who are digitally hip but for me, it is a smidge of a challenge.  So, I approach it the way I do most things difficult.  I ask Sal to do it.

But as marvelous as she is, she is no more digitally hip than I am so we had to do it together.  And, of course, her list is much the same as mine.  I had over 500 addresses.  And I had to tell them all my new e-mail address.  And, I am ashamed to admit it – I could only place about half of them.  “Riley Henderson?  Who the hell is that?  What’s his e-mail address?  Who calls themselves ‘geo-slime’ and why do I know him?”

Multiplied by two hundred or so.

And passwords..!!!  Don’t get me started on passwords!  Don’t get me started because I can’t remember them.  What a horror show!  Of course, I have a couple of favourites,  like Maddog.  But ‘Maddog’ doesn’t have 8 characters or a number – which seemed to become a requirement after I had my password memorized – so I guess I went to Maddogs, Maddogandpudding, Maddogpudding, Maddog123 and so on.  In other words…no idea.

The only good part is that I don’t care that much.  I can’t get on the woodchopper’s forum.  So what?  I know how to chop wood now.  I can’t get on the Ex-pats in Hong Kong forum.  But they don’t miss me.  I don’t miss them.  So, I am good.  I’d like to get on the Honda 50 outboard forum but the engine is runnning good and I may just have to re-register or something when the time comes to learn all about the engine once again.  I am sure there is a better way but, like I said, I don’t care that much.

But I will.

That is the thing about damn computers……………ten steps away and I have forgotten about them.  I don’t care.  I am doing something else.  But first I have to get the ten steps away.  There seems to be some kind of invisible black hole around my computer.  It draws and sucks me in.  And, while I am here, I seem to care about all sorts of things.  ‘Ooooh…..the forum on geo-slime………!’   But, as soon as I get out of it’s gravitational pull, I am free!  So free, that I forget stuff.  Like passwords.  And whatever the hell geo-slime is.

It is like some kind of duality-thing.  There is the real me and then there is the digital me.  And we are separated by ten steps.  And a different memory.  Whatever.

I am never ever going to change my service provider again.



3 thoughts on “Digital dystopia

    • See above. It is in writing! Mind you, it is like most of my computer promises (“Well, I am never going to buy another one of these! This is plenty fast enough.”) They just don’t hold up. It is Moore’s fault.
      I was never going to buy a smart phone either. Why would I? I am not smart enough for my old phone as it is! A smarter phone would just dominate me. But then I saw the voice recognition apps and how they replace the keypad. Ooooohh! Here’s a promise you can take to the bank: I promise to keep whatever promise I make till I feel the need to break it.


  1. My pending dream, as someone who personally kicked my own”incurable” late stage cancer to the curb without western medical intervention and who hates the smart grid microwave pervasiveness with a vengeance, is find the way to go off grid, but with all the equipment in a separate building using a true not pure sine wave inverter, and whatever way will not make me sick or cognitively impaired. Easier said….
    Please tell me you are using a hard wired modem, even off grid?


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