Exploiting goodwill

SIDEBAR:  A lot of whales these past few days.  Orcas.  Hunting.  Going up and down the channel.  Sometimes followed by half a dozen whale-watcher boats.  ‘Oooooohíng and ‘aaahíng.  It is quite the spectacle at times.  Interesting. 

We’re back in the thick of it……..visitors.  But, as usual, we like ’em.  Sal’s dad (90) just sailed up from southern BC and is visiting with a sailing buddy.  We’ll eat, drink and be merry for a couple of days and then they’ll sail home.  Takes a week or so to get up here and the same amount back.  So we hope they have a good time.

We should all be sailing, drinking and being merry at 90!  But I think it is best to start practising now if you want to be good at it at 90.  That is the theory, anyway.

The sailing buddy and I will likely do a little construction work this afternoon.  Try to figure out how to do what I need to do.  Maybe get the gable ends up on the studio.  I am challenged by some angles and engineering so it will be good to have a second opinion.  Someone else to blame, anyway.  (Poor guy.  Just wants to help.  Little does he know that what I need more than anything is a scapegoat! )

I’m honest about it, tho.  I told him.  I told him I needed a scapegoat but I mumbled a bit and it sounded more like scaffold to him.  So, he volunteered to help.  I am sure he’ll be surprised when I start yelling at him.  Oh well, no good deed is supposed to go unpunished.

I raised the fourth wall of the workshop the other day with the help of another guest.  He, too, liked to get his hands-on construction experience as part of his eating, drinking and merry-making vacation time.  This is an older male syndrome of sorts.  The women don’t feel the need.  The young guys aren’t so keen as a rule. It is the older guys.   And I like it.  Let the old wanna-be carpenters come!

Real carpenters go to the all-inclusive resort in the Caribean in the winter.  They are busy working in the summer.  I don’t get real carpenters.  I get the summer-weekend-hobby-guy-kind.  But, for me, they are the best.  They may even know more than me (OK, they all know more than me!) but they defer to my judgment because of the eating and drinking component.  So, I get my way.  I get to be the boss for once.

Sal is busy prepping for the eating and drinking part.

I am the boss unless she comes out to see what we are up to……………. 

Plus these guys are ‘real keen’ and I like to exploit that kind of ready-to-martyr kind of energy.  “See those beams?  The ones with the creosote?  You may wish to get some newspaper for your clothes first.  That stuff is horrible.  We are going to need them all piled up at the top of this hill.  You get started.  I’ll be right back….”

Hey!  Somebody has to carry them!

And I do come back………..later………usually just after the last of the beams has settled on the pile at the top……………don’t forget…………….there is eating and drinking………….soon……..Hey!  I don’t feel guilty.   Did I mention the merry-making?


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