Not much to say.  Things are good.  Days getting shorter.  We are doing what we do.

Well, I am making a whale.  An Orca.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI have no idea why.  Not really.  It was raining and I didn’t wanna work in the rain and so I made a whale.  There’s a kinda logic to that.  Kinda.  I didn’t actually make the whale, I just started to.  Not done yet.  You’d be surprised how complicated a Bologna shape can be.

Anyway, with nothing earth-shattering to say, I’ll just post a few whale-in-the-making pics. I will say that carving a whale from a block of wood should be easy.  I mean, ‘just take off the edges, add a tail and a few fins’ and voila.  Right?’

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut the challenge is proportions.  And how do you get proportions of whale things from a whale going by?  Or even a picture of a whale?  Pictures show black whales with black fins and black tails.  Usually set against dark blue backgrounds.  Whale pics are basically Rorschach tests!

The good part?  Only Sea World employees can criticize my whale.

I am gonna do worms next.

2 thoughts on “Muse

  1. That is some grarly bit o’ fir you whacked away at. Got any softer wood like yellow cedar or may be a lump of soap stone? That is some senuous cetacean…are you going to paint it? “I see a red door and I want painted… !


  2. Well, you know how it is….folk art is made from ‘found’ materials. Meaning: off-cuts, discards and junk. If I have a ‘found’ piece of Fir when the muse hits (or it is raining) then Fir it is. Btw, my Orca seems slimmer in photos. The camera does not add poundage. Go figure. Works opposite for me. Maybe if I grow a fin..?


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