A hail Mary, perhaps?

Roof’s on.  Soffits are done.  That’s good.  Neigbours houseboat is coming along.  That’s good, too.  Basically life is progressing and I will take some pics to show off today.  It is time for an ‘update’.  But I’ll save that for the next post.

My daughter is getting married in a couple of weeks.  That’s good.  At least 50% of the time, that is good.  Sometimes it isn’t.  Being a mediator for 20 or so years has exposed a lot of marriages to me (I have mediated well over 200 separation agreements) and I have a different view of it all than most people as a result.  But this one looks good.  I like B.  B seems to like me.  That is a good start.  Maybe I can get him to do some of the heavy lifting…?  We’ll see how this pans out.  But, so far, it has all the right ingredients.

But life is changing for young people.  The challenges are new and way more daunting.  We don’t know what they are going to have to deal with.  And how does one or even two deal with climate change and economic turmoil anyway?  Add possible children into the mix and it may be a helluva ride for them.  I wouldn’t want to have to handle that, myself.

It was hard enough when things were easy.  We got started on LIP and OFY grants and be-ins and good music.  We had free love – not free virus-ridden love.  We had The Beatles, The Stones, The Temptations, Otis Redding, Aretha and Janis.  Nowadays, they have rapsters killin’ and bein’ gangstas.  Grunge and crap.  Meth.  They got cartels and Homeland Security and CCTV.  Neither Orwell nor I would want to have to grow up with all that.

If they come to me for help, what can I say?  “Run!  Run for the hills!  Get out!  Get out now!”  Zat sound like experienced wisdom talking?  Zat sound like sage advice?

43% of Spanish youth are unemployed.  23% in Greece.  Over 30 million Americans are unemployed (officially the number is lower but that is because the ‘official’ number is a false one).  Millions more are underemployed.  The richest 400 Americans have a greater net worth than the lowest 155 million Americans combined.  A huge percentage of 24-to-34 year olds still live at home with their parents.  And the US continues to print money and lend it to banks for practically-speaking free in an almost six-year continuing attempt to kick-start the economy.  It is not working.  Not yet, anyway.  That does not make for an ‘easy-entry’ for youth.

But 25 year olds have energy.  They have attitude.  They have dreams.  They have ‘the right stuff’.  So, they may do OK.  They may do great.  Will they ever get to live in paradise and build sheds, tend gardens and be as happy as we are?

I hope so.  But I don’t see it comin’ easy.

We ‘boomers’ may have done a ‘not-so-good’ job with our turn at the helm.  We should have done better.  We still can.  Maybe it is time we collectively did something good for the generations coming up…..waddya think?

11 thoughts on “A hail Mary, perhaps?

  1. Boomers are the gift that keeps on giving. In this age of boomerang kids, failure launch children, helicopter parents, elder care, grand children child care. It’s good thing we sixty plus year olds have the chops, the licks, the capacity to hit a sliding knuckle ball out of the park.


    • Maybe you do but I don’t. My knuckles hurt and so do my balls. And sliding in a park is completely out of the question. We do have some chops (lamb) in the freezer but I am not so sure where the licking part of that has any bearing. Or did I miss the point? Thankfully my parents passed on without too much fuss and my kids have chosen NOT to reproduce at this time – which is good since I am even resenting the dogs taking up space at this point in my life.


      • Well all is good then. Seems that you will not be opening up Grampas’ childcare, tutoring, and taxi service. But life has its twists and turns so who knows what five years will bring.


      • Taxi and day care are out of the question. Long rambling rants passing for tutoring, maybe. But – for the record – I’d like some little cherubic bambino who smells like cookies and flowers to be huggable in my arms. Preferably asleep (either one of us). On an infrequent visit. I kinda like that part of kids. If I can throw ém with one arm, they are good. Then, later, when they are bigger if they laugh at my jokes…they are at least tolerable. But still on infrequent visits. But, you are right. It is not my decision and who knows who might show up unexpectedly.


  2. As long as we have natural resources to exploit and sell off we’ll do OK here in Gitmo Great White North. It will be a Pyrrhic victory, environmentally speaking, with the drill, baby, drill mentality dominating as it is.


      • I think the biggest racket (amongst many) is real estate ownership. I won’t bore you with my thoughts but, honestly, I think it is enslavement by another name.


    • I agree. This selling of resources is basically insane. But we all know that. I think our challenge is to find a way to stop the madness and to do so in a way that even the insane want to cooperate. But, as some researcher recently discovered, the rich just want to get richer even tho they do not need it. Think human jellyfish.


    • Yes and no. We have all seen the proliferation of jellyfish out here. And we have all noted the diminishing of other species. But we have not connected the dots. We sorta thought that nature abhors a vacuum and so the jellyfish came in to an empty room rather than ate their way into it. The Chinese will eat anything – they say that themselves – and so that is a good thing. Maybe they can eat their way back into the room.


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