The quiet before the beans…….

Quick survey…..anyone out there?

Numbers are off.  Comments way, way down.  Has the apocolypse happened already and no one bothered to tell us?   Look outside – do you see zombies?  Please tell me.

Admittedly nothing I have written lately is Pulitzer in nature but David J is usually good for a short confirmation of my existence.  And, to be fair, he was there for me when I needed him most (around the whale carving blog).  My new BFF!  But only once! The silence is deafening, the cold in the air more than just arctic air.  Was it sump’n I said?

On the assumption that you are not all suffering early onset zombification (which is quite generous of me when you think about it), is there something you want to say?

Mind you, unemployment is down to 7% so maybe everyone is at work?  Still, I noticed that most comments contributed over the years were from readers who were actually supposed to be at their desk doing their work and so that theory is weak.  Is it because I have held off on the ObamaCare/Boehner issue?  Or is it simply not enough ravens?

Maybe I have not ranted enough about the way life is?  Could that be it?

I do have this to throw in to the mix, “Hey, Dave!  Looks like there are fewer conspiracy theories out there, eh?” 

The old building-supply guy and I often trade cynical comments while exchanging cash for plastic crap and his opinion that fewer conspiracy theories existing currently could only mean one thing, “So, you are saying that because the theories are now out there, exposed and proven to be true?”

“Exactly!  So many skeletons are coming out of the closet these days it feels like it must almost be empty!  That Snowden fella and Julian Aasange are leaking more dirty secrets faster than even our senators can create new ones.  And Harper and Christy are out shilling for corrupt corporate takeovers like due process and public opinion have no part.  It’s all so obvious.  Right out in the open!  The hubris of these people and the ones being exposed is beyond belief.  But the good part is that our suspicions and theories have been confirmed.”

“Did you really need confirmantion?”

“No.  Not really.  But such arrogance usually preceeds serious comeuppance.  So, I am now moving from the conspiracy stage to the hoping for change stage.”

“Y’all sounding downright biblical, ya know that?  Pride commeth before the fall and all that.”

I later shared that conversation with another local guy.  A hermit of sorts.  Nice guy.  Very quiet.  Even more solitary than a lost guru on top of a Himalayan mountain. “Yeah, I agree.  It’s all coming apart.  No doubt.  I feel relief, actually.  Been waiting a long time.  Can’t end soon enough for me!” 

Which, of course, sent me along sharing that sentiment with anyone else who would listen.  And the consensus was shockingly unanimousThe system is coming apart and we can all ‘feel it’ doing so.   It is overdue.  And there is no fear.  There is only anticipation and curiousity. 

Don’t misunderstand me.  I am not endorsing the End of Days.  My survey group was limited to those I bumped into and half of those were still fully committed to the conspiracy stage and not in the least moving on to the more rosy and cheery end-of-days apocalyptic stage.  And let us not forget the zombie phase – wherever that fits into the plot.  So, it is not like we have consensus or anything.  But I have a confession to make.  After all this talk of the END, I am now feeling much better about the extra beans in the food shed.

12 thoughts on “The quiet before the beans…….

  1. I’m Mr. anonymous and I write to you nearly every day. I’m the gnarly piece of fir guy who commented on your killer of a Whale. I’d sign my name but MI6 would take a dim view.


    • I understand. Completely. I’ll think of you as Double O. Daniel Craig is 007 but you have from 0 to 9 to choose from. Well, White Spot has triple 0’s. So, be careful with your number. And thanks for writing. It’s just your basic garden variety, blog-type existential angst, you know? I never should look at the numbers but they beckon….I can’t help myself and then……..for some reason drastically lower numbers. Maybe the Russian and Chinese hackers got bored? Could be the zombies….I dunno…..


  2. I’ll do a forensic audit on your hits and let you peer behind the curtain. Start following lots of blogs it increases traffic. No really.


    • I appreciate that. But I am not so sure I can follow too many blogs. I mean, I should, I guess….especially with all the whining and all…….but I read a few and doing that and writing my own is about all of the screen I can stand. Gotta get outdoors. Gotta breathe! I was kinda hoping to be followed but not have to follow, ya know? Like Justin Trudeau?


  3. Hey Dave, read every blog you post. You don’t have to follow/comment but there are some interesting blogs out in the www. Lots of people living ‘simply’ but not off the grid. Lots of opinions out there too. More pictures – how is the studio progressing, what do your garden beds look like in autumn, stuff.


    • Thanks, Joy. I had no doubts about your keeping the faith. You and the antique collectors (Hey! You should form a band!). It is just………… that…well…sometimes…..(God! Don’t tell anyone I ever said this….) I actually like people. Sometimes. OK, it is rare. Infrequent. And it is definitely NOT easy but, well, I like some of ém, ya know. Call me crazy. And I really like their comments…….even you-know-who’s….the librarian who cannot be named.


  4. With the seemingly infinite supply of information at our fingertips the problem becomes one of finding authenticity. The problem with actually using the available content to make rational sense of the universe is most people fall victim to confirmation bias – the tendency to accept evidence that confirms our beliefs and to reject evidence that contradicts them.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody knows WTF is really going on or what to do or not do about it.
    Just over 2 years ago I stopped consuming “news” products as much as is possible considering the ubiquity of it. I now find it to be creepy and melodramatic when I accidentally expose myself to it, turning the miseries and mishaps of others into a entertainment product.
    I guess my point is about enjoying the thoughts and adventures of an authentic and honest bloke like Dave. It’s what the world needs more of.
    Thanks for sharing.


    • Oooohhh, now there you go…..a little whining paid off. Thanks for that, DJ. Appreciated. And you hit the nail squarely. It’s about being honest. Even if it means whining or rants or calls to arms or, well, I don’t really believe the zombie part – just for the record tho if you lick a certain type of toad it can give off neuro-toxins that do, in fact, zombify you to some extent. But you knew that.
      Here’s the rub: being authentic requires feedback. We may be able to fool only some of the people some of the time but we are quite capable of fooling ourselves all of the time. Friends help set the record straight. They can (don’t always) keep you honest. The biggest challenge to honesty is not deceipt, but ignorance. And ya don’t even know what you don’t know (apologies to Rumsfeld). So, I am coming from that place. I don’t know enough and need feedback.
      In place of knowledge, the courageous first thing is to do. In my case, write and build and try to give self responsibilty a chance. By doing you will learn what you need to know. I think. I hope. I am not positive. Don’t quote me.
      But there is so much to do!


  5. I read your blog faithfully, just dont really have many intelligent comments to share. Plus, the zombies outside my door may hear me typing…………


    • Well, I appreciate that. Thanks. But don’t let intelligence or the lack of it get in the way. I don’t. And judging from my buddies, they don’t either. This is free form.


  6. I’m trying to get the image of you standing at the railing dressing gown flapping. But a guy has to do what he must do. It’s probably best that you live off the grid and all that. Looking as you are to hook-up more with your audience means expanding who reads you and who you read. Quid pro quo.
    Speaking of reading you how goes the book?


  7. “The system is coming apart and we can all ‘feel it’ doing so. It is overdue. And there is no fear. There is only anticipation and curiousity. ”

    So, thee is becoming Mennonite?


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