an aside….like Barry Manilow in an elevator

Senators squabbling.  Fabulous.  Pigs at the trough.  As if they didn’t have it so good they could keep shut about it all, they had to push the envelope for more and get into a pissing contest.  Beautiful.  Just great.  What geniuses we have running our country!

But let us be clear about it.  We are complicit.  We allow it.  We don’t protest.  We just step out of the way when they run for the buffet.  They should be embarrassed and ashamed and so should we be for having them there.  And allowing them there in the first place.  It is elitism of the worst kind.

You have to give the CBC credit.  The CBC did this exposé .  I think the CBC has decided to put up a fight (for their very survival) against this government in any way they can and good for them!  They found a vein!

Face it!  It was NOT us.  It was NOT the opposition either (The Liberals have been at the trough longer and for more goodies and have just as scandalous a history).  The NDP (now the official opposition) just haven’t had the chance yet.

And I say that because the construct of the senate as an unelected upper chamber is nothing more than a corrupt reward for party hacks doing partisan backroom dealings.  If you get in bed with dogs, you will end up with fleas and even tho the NDP are flealess now, they would be scratching if they showed up at the trough too.  It is the very being there that is wrong.  The senate should be abolished.

Mind you, they can take the Commons and shove it, too……..

Well, I had to say something, didn’t I?  How could I not?  I actually have a final ‘studio-building blog’ ready to publish complete with pics but the studio isn’t quite yet 100% ready so I am putting it off for a day or so.

This little rant is like MUZAK…ya know…while you are waiting?  Barry Manilow?  Elevator muzak?

More breaking news….I’ll be taking a blog break for awhile…………or a change, anyway.  Starting in a week or so – because in a couple of weeks we go to Mexico for my daughter’s wedding.  I’ll blog a bit about that.  But, you know, it is her wedding.  Gotta respect that it is her story, not mine.

Mind you, I will tell you about my part in it…………whatever that turns out to be.  Sal says, “You just have to be there, sweetie.” I hope she is right.

Finally, a word about God, magic, the universe unfolding as it should…………whatever…..I am pretty happy these days and not in just the least bit aware of the many little miracles that seem to be dropping like sugar plums around us.  We are incredibly fortunate.  Life is good,

……………………senators and government notwithstanding.   


4 thoughts on “an aside….like Barry Manilow in an elevator

  1. Just finished reading blog for last two
    Weeks at one go (as is my custom)
    Pleased to see progress on studio.
    Not so convinced end times are coming soon. Every time I get dismayed by politics,global events,etc,faith is renewed by individuals (you included ).


  2. Why does Barry Manilow have to be continuously abused as a symbol for everything that is mediocre, insipid, and boring? He is a talented man who has given us some great, and lively pop tunes like Copacabana &, his Mayflower album. He may have written some elevator music, but please. He does not belong at the pig’s trough. He is a great entertainer, now making a great investment in our children’s music education. These are his golden years, let’s give this guy his dues!


    • You are right of course. I even like some BM music now and again. I just used him in the title for the very reason you stated: he seems emblematic of insipid. But that is unfair. Totally. He has contributed well and deserves better. Mea culpa. Apologies.
      But, you know what they say, elevator muzak (or the blog equivalent) can get irritating so I guess my last post just proved it.


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