The outside of the new studio is finished!  (Of course, like any building, it is never ever truly finished – even the outside – but, for all intents and purposes it is.  I will eventually extend the deck rails to connect up with the building and I will likely refinish the doors but they are still performing the basic function regardless.  We are done with the outside practically speaking.  Ooops…’cept for the chimney which we’ll do later…. Still, lockup is lockup and we can lock up!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And October hasn’t even ended yet!  We are ahead of schedule.  Which is great for me.  I love that.  Sal?  Well, not so much.  She has her own agendas and they have been put on hold while we get the studio at least weather ready.  So, pretty soon now we will get on again with things in the usual way – her doing hers, me doing mine.  But she’ll still do the electrical.  Otherwise I’ll do the interior myself.  Pretty much.  We’ll do the ceiling together, too, but after that, she is gone.

So she thinks, anyway.


The truth is I am a bit of a pain in the butt when I am ‘into’ one of my projects.  Even if Sally is busy doing something else, I will often call out, “Hey, Sal!  Could you come over here for a minute?  Here, just hold this for a minute while I get this nail in….”  “Hey, Sal!  Could you come over here a minute and just….”  And, to her credit, she is always there for me.  She’ll come.  She’ll hold.  She’ll wait till it fits (several extra cuts then a new piece altogether).  Then she will leave and get back to what she was doing.  Usually good naturedly, too.  She’s very patient and tolerant with me and I kinda rely on it.  It is how things get done out here – she does her job and half of mine, too.

Still, it is nice to show off the pictures.  The building is only 16 by 12.  192sft.  And that is measuring the outside.  The inside is made smaller by the 6 inch walls and so the useable square footage is 11 by 15 or 165 sft.  NOT huge.  But it is going to be big enough and it has plenty of light with the two windows, four skylights and, of course, the French doors.

I’ll make shelving and a workbench when finishing the inside. And I’ll add two large shelves at the eight-foot level to create mini-lofts at both ends increasing storage by almost 50 sft as well.  Naturally, I will have outgrown the damn thing by the time it is complete but, really………that just means I GET TO BUILD ANOTHER SHED!

I just overheard Sally say something about ‘lock-up’, too.  But I think she may have been referring to me!






10 thoughts on “Lockup!

  1. Big Pictures ! Thank you. Great studio/shed (more studio than shed) Looks great. Sal is the best. I love the line “she’ll still do the electrical”. Warms my heart. Good teamwork guys.


    • Great having such a fan! Thanks. And – just for the record – I keep asking Sal if I should get started on the wiring (while she is tending to other things) and the response is: “Don’t you dare touch it! Keep your paws off my wiring!”
      She’s a smidge territorial……..


  2. Nice work you two!! Photos made me realize I should’ve made a larger gap between my cedar shingles on MY shed roof. Oh well, live and learn! Take care, have a great time at E&B’s nuptials and give her my love!! PS: Mal’s home again and I’ll visit them again soon.


  3. Well done you two, you couldn’t have done it without the other, as is the case in all marriages(take note Em.) Leave the wiring Dave, it’s not worth the hassle!!!!!!!!!!Love to Fid and Megan.


    • Thanks, everyone. We are pleased that you are all pleased for us, too. We sure like the outside, anyway. Now to making it functional and presentable on the inside. Wiring got roughed in yesterday but we split the time with washing the dogs. Now THAT was hell!
      I’ll start insulating today. Itchy work. Sal’s at yoga remaining shapely.
      And that I’ll likely do the insulating mostly alone. But you are right: not only couldn’t I do it all alone, I wouldn’t bother. I do this kind of thing for Sal and she does it for me. Weird, eh?


  4. I love it. The shingles above; the boards below (can’t really call them board and batten, can I?) the French doors. AND that Sal does the electrical. Keep your paws off! that is great.


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