Soo-ee, Soo-ey!!!

Our premier talked tough before the election.  Made a BCér proud to see her stand up for what is right!  ‘We intend to get our fair share of the pollution and our fair share at the trough that is being spread around to allow it!’  Oooh, what cajones!

And, because she was so tough and such a brilliant negotiator, the premier of Alberta had to roll over (in slop) and agree to our porcine premier’s demands.  Oooh….pigfight!  I am getting excited.

But, of course, it is like all political acts – it was a stunt, a sham, a lie and a distortion.  Christy lied.  Hard to believe, isn’t it?  Our premier (NOT a mayor, this time) lied to us.

Firstly, she did not negotiate anything…some ‘framework‘….which says nothing…..and doesn’t get us any of Alberta’s ill-gotten gains.  But, more pathetically, it implied that, with the two premier’s agreeing, the Enbridge pipeline is ‘moving forward’ (I hate that phrase).

It isn’t.

Well, it is, actually.  But that decision to proceed with resource exploitation had nothing to do with them.  We, the people, don’t really know what is happening.  Not really.  But we can assume the worst.  The reason?  Enbridge is not accountable to BC or even Alberta.  The proposed pipeline is 100% a Federal affair.  It is Harper and Harper alone that casts the vote.  Given his recent legislative changes to Federal environmental law that makes the decision to proceed easier, and his announcements in Asia that ‘it will happen’, and the increase in pipe construction going on, the continuance of surveying and ground crew work and the many hundreds of contracts being let, my guess is that Redford and Clark are simply posturing like groupies with smiles and pig squeals hoping to be invited to the party.

Enbridge has been a done deal since it was announced.  Environmental studies were NOT done or ignored or made unnecessary by the Feds.  The people’s voice was controlled, limited and is being ignored.  Northern Gateway hearings, my butt!  Every member of that panel was a Harper appointee and each appointee was plucked from the Petroleum sector!

Given his announcement in SE Asia, Harper may have already received some money for the oil………?  He has certainly allowed SINOC (ChinaOIL) to buy stakes in the tar-sludge.  And he has pretty much rammed through an agreement with China that states that they will make all decisions on trade matters….so, it is not hard to guess where this is all going.

China is going imperialist on oil and Canada is looking to be a colony.  Which may cause some friction with our US owners who already control so much of what is Canadian.  Did you know that CN Rail (the only transnational rail line in Canada – the one given so much land by government) was privatised and sold off in the 1990’s?  Did you know that Bill Gates is the largest single shareholder of ‘our’ national railway?   

But all that lying, cheating, greed and environmental destruction is not really news, is it? Hasn’t that been the robber baron mentality so prevalent for so long- even before the Industrial Revolution?  Haven’t we been breeding pigs for a long time?

And will we ever do anything about it?  The answer is no.  We will never do anything about it and the reason for that is ‘they‘ have established ways for the public to protest and they call those ways ‘democracy’.  It is a false democracy, of course, but we have bought it.  So we protest by electing people who have to do what their party tells them to do and, of course, our party choice is severely limited to two or three.  So you can choose to protest by way of door #1 or door #2.

And both doors lead to the feeding trough.



4 thoughts on “Soo-ee, Soo-ey!!!

  1. It is funny how things work Harper is a piece of work as are all his hacks. The pendulum is swinging in more ways than one! So here is to bullies and out of control freaks getting their just deserts! Karma Karma Karma !!!


    • I agree…kinda….but cars are not the problem, the fuel is. Energy consumption is not a problem, our efficient utilization is. We get more ‘power’ from the sun every day than we can use in a year. We just don’t harnass what we have going for us and we harvest what is not sustainable instead. But I basically agree – we can’t keep doing what we are doing in the same old way, that is for sure. But my point was a bit more oblique than I intended. I was trying to say that it seems we send pigs to represent us and we send them to the trough and the pig pen in which to do it. Really, the problem is with this false sense of representation that has been co-opted by the pigs.


  2. When we each and every one of us stops burning and using fossil carbon all day long, for clothing, gadgets, cooking, for heat, transportation, war, recreation and a thousand frivolous entertainments, only then can we condemn the destruction it causes. The comfortable, easy lives we enjoy here in North America are solely because of the hydrocarbon fueled systems that make it possible. The politicians know that the majority of people do not want to give up their 500 HP pickup trucks or their jet trips, power boats, skidoos, costco’s and walmarts and the oil dependant industries that provide employment, gasoline, and foreign capital.
    Nothing will change until it runs out, and thats not happening any time soon. There is no scalable alternative.
    Politics is all about maintaining the status quo. I live in Alberta, travel widely and can’t help noticing that people everywhere are in love with their cars and the (false) sense of freedom it gives them. It seems even more so in self professed”green” BC.


  3. We folks in the western world love to live for today but seem to give little thought for our futures. As many of us burn through our cash flow today few of us will be as secure as we are today in our future old ages. Few elderly people have put aside RRSPs or have been in jobs with gold plated retirement benefits. The future for many of our elderly is bleak. No doubt to some extent the swine deciding our province’s future based on the extraction of raw resources are partly to blame for our bleak future prospects but to a larger extent citizens only have themselves to blame. As Pogo once observed, “Resolve then, that on this very ground, with small flags waving and tinny blast on tiny trumpets, we shall meet the enemy, and not only may he be ours, he may be us.”


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