Been awhile…

…and some things change.

My daughter is married to BR and is now Mrs. R.  I officiated at the ceremony.  Like a hillbilly pastor. They called me Yoda.  The wedding was held at a resort in Mexico.  52 people flew down.  I thought it would be weird but it wasn’t.  It was good.  Very good.  Very, very, very good.  And fun.  Even though all-inclusive resorts are not my kind of thing – they aren’t travel and they aren’t adventure and there is little that is foreign or new – they are a helluva way of a way to host a wedding.  Who knew?

All-inclusive resorts are really just land-locked cruise ships and the people ‘on board’ were much the main attraction.  People watching at it’s best.  But the appeal for a wedding is that the families of the bride and groom get to meet one another and have a few days (not just hours) to get to know one another.  That part was the best.  We met B’s friends and father – and they were good people.  Even their friends were nice and interesting and very kind to the bride’s parents and grandparents.  It was a good way to blend families who live a country-wide apart.  They are Torontonians.  We are not.

The wedding itself was a treat.  Not boring or drawn out.  Not all gooey or weird.  Very sincere.  Pretty short.  And every one seemed moved when they should, laughed when they should and were genuinely pleased and happy for the new couple.  Except for our own wedding, Sal and I agreed that this was the best one we had ever attended.  Biased?  Us?  Not in the least.

I started to blog about it and have a few pages written but I’ll save that for a longer post that is separate.  I, personally, would have a hard time reading much more about someone else’s wedding so I’ll spare you.  Bottom line:  BIG HIT!

But there was also a turning point for me………well, several actually.  One:  I swear I will never fly again.  NEVER!  What a massive trial and tribulation flying has become!  We ‘flew’ six hours (each way), ‘sat’ waiting (in total) for six to eight hours and ‘transferred by buses and cabs for almost 3 hours.    Everyone knows the lunacy of airport security and, of course, everything is geared to the timetable and convenience of the transport companies so you end up feeling like powerless cattle.  Mooing and baaahhing all the way. We need Temple Grandin to take up the cause of travelers.

My son also recently got engaged (and this was not a spontaneous move on anyone’s part) and so the message is clear:  I am no longer really needed as a parental guide.  To be fair, I never was.  But I kinda played the Father Knows Best role whenever the opportunity presented however hapless and stupid that may have been (they used to call me ‘Big Dork’).  Now my kids have partners to rely on.  And the partners have them.  And I am now just the ‘old guy’ who can advise about leases and legal work at a consumer level.

It is not a bad role. But I have been shunted sideways.  I am no longer a parent.  I am a parental consultant (translation: unemployed until grandchildren come to town).

I also noticed that I was no longer hip.  Young people, it seems, generally now come patterned in tattoos.  The resort was a veritable walking mural of doodles.  You’d see some beautiful young woman carpeted with tattoos of fish and flowers and skulls and bulls and Gawdknowswhat……….I even saw one guy sporting a Nike swoosh with NIKE written under it!?

He loves his shoes, I guess.

I dunno…… is not my thing.  Yakuza?  Hells Angels?  Bloods and Crips?  Dennis Rodman?  And now secretaries, librarians and accountants.  Tattoo suggestion: KPMG rules!


But interesting.

But weird mostly.

PS.  Just for the WEIRD record:  I am a big fan of the cartoon that is Rob Ford.  He’s a buffoon, too, of course.  Probably some kind of crook to boot.  And he never should have become a mayor of anything.  Not even Spuzzum.  But he is more entertaining than any Canadian politician or comedian ever.  He’s better than Martin Short or even Cheech and Chong.  This guys is a fat Evil Knievel, high on whatever he can OD on and vying with Dawg the Bounty Hunter for the stupid crown of the world. I know it is perverse but, really, this guy is showing the underbelly of Canadian politics (not to mention his actual belly).  He and Harper hang out and go fishin’………. If Rob Ford does not put some perspective on politics-as-usual to the Canadian people, nothing can.    

2 thoughts on “Been awhile…

  1. Rob Ford is a conservative who loves the third rail. Some of the Ford mud is sticking to Harper. In Parliament Harper is described as Ford’s, ‘Fishing buddy.’ Birds of a feather…! This Ford up-roar is offering Harper cover on the Senate scandal. It is also is showing the unfiltered side of the average guy who wants to be rude, crude and lacking lacking in class. “No rules!” “Down with Commies.” “End all social services as a cost saving measure.” Social Darwinism.


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