There is some kind of irony here….I am now selling rock!

Well, NOT my rock.  Not home!  But the place I am staying at has 15-20 pallets of cut granite (the kind of stone that is used to build rock walls in fancy neighbourhoods).  Since I am here some of the time, my friend has said, “If anyone comes by and wants a good deal on stone, sell it to them.  We have too much.”

So, I am getting into the Craigslist business despite what I said yesterday, I guess.  At least I didn’t have to find the rock in an alley.  I suppose I can sell rock.  Well, for as long as I have the rock sprinkled about the place on pallets, I guess.  At least I’ll help out should someone come by.

Granite cut-rock in blocks like this runs somewhere between 25 and 40 cents a pound!!!  A pallet of 2 tons could retail for over $1000.  I can sell it for ten cents a pound.

And there is a helluva lot of beautiful, used-but-perfect Cedar t&g here, too.  Cheap.  Some of which may end up on the island…..

I dunno….capitalism, eh?…. “…..just when I thought I was out, they dragged me back in…..” (which was a line from the Godfather and applies to the Mafia but it is all much the same thing.)

We were laughing over breakfast, “Geez, old habits, eh?  I can’t get over the fact that I can use all the tomatoes if I want to because we can easily get some more tomorrow.  Normally, I would conserve – try to get two meals out of it.”

“Hey!  I am turning out the lights all the time!  How weird is that?  20,000 sft of building with tools and machines and lights everywhere running all the time and someone else paying for it and I still can’t help myself…I conserve….”

“But that is good, right?  Aren’t we just being good?”

“I guess….but it kinda feels like a drop in the ocean.  One thing is for sure – we have developed some good habits for ourselves and for living off the grid.  So, that is good.  But down here?  I dunno…..feels pointless, really.”

“So, wanna go shopping?”

“Yeah, sure.  Mind if I troll a few alleys on the way?”

2 thoughts on “Trolling

  1. Next you’ll be selling ice to Eskimos. Just give the stone a fancy upscale name, I dunno, Zimbabwe Paradiso Sustainable Organic or something trendy.


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