Flickering screen, adjustments, reality, perspective

Conclusion: the TV is much smarter than the shows it presents.

It is like technology has advanced and writers have devolved.  Or the audience has been judged extremely wanting in the good taste and intelligence departments.  Most likely all of the above.  The viewing fare is bloody awful.  Boring, tasteless and stupid.  Like when I was listening to the 1812 overture in the background when someone was mixing eggs on a cooking channel!?  How much did they pay that doofus and the producer of that show?

And reality TV?  What the hell…..?!  Soon there will be a potty channel dedicated to people moving their bowels in odd situations.  Why not?  Sounds better than most of the crap on the screen I have seen so far.  The mainstay of reality TV?  It is a skateboarder smashing his genitals into a handrail.   I swear!

But I confess………having a remote in my hands again felt good.  Ooooh, power corrupts, eh?

Here’s something weird…………….if I go to the store and buy wood and say, pay $1.00 a board foot, it seems like the ‘market’ price.  The way things are.  But if I have a pile of the same lumber left over after a job (still shiny and new) no one wants to buy it!  Not for 20 cents on the dollar!  Now why is that?  Wood doesn’t come with a warranty.  A 2×6 is a 2×6.  But the contractor pretty much has to ‘chuck it’ ’cause no one wants to buy it and he can’t store it and the store won’t take it back.  In the meantime, some poor schmo is lining up at the counter to pay the $1.00 plus taxes for his order.

Perfectly good toilets and basins, doors, even appliances………….chucked!?

Yes, I know…Habitat for Humanity, Used Building supplies, etc.  But, really, they just want it for free………..and it is a hassle and well, most of the time there is not enough to warrant taking it to them.  Easier to throw it in the dumpster.  It is a waste.  A complete and total waste for a guy like me.  Not for a contractor, perhaps, but for a DIY-guy for sure.  I can see myself heading home in a month or so laden to the top with stuff that would be considered junk here in town.  And it is not!

OK….our adjustment is still ongoing, I guess.  I’ll start to get out of scavenge-mode and be a consumer again.  Maybe.  But I would hazard a guess that a guy with time and a flatbed truck could slowly scour building sites and, with the contractor’s permission, salvage enough materials to build a complete 1500 square foot home within a month.  In fact, I am sure  of it.    Three months if it was me (Sal is starting to balk at the heavy lifting, I am slow and traffic is heavy).  The house may not be pretty and some things may have to be purchased to make it happen in a reasonable time but I am sure I could salvage 80% of what I needed openly and honestly to build at least a cabin.  Now there’s a reality show!   

5 thoughts on “Flickering screen, adjustments, reality, perspective

  1. The alley coughed up a kitchen table already. But, honestly, I do not want to get fixated on the candy and baubles even if they are for free. So what if they are for free if I don’t need them? They are cranking out more stuff all the time, anyway. And I need so little. I am bound to be tripping over ‘good stuff’ that I simply have to leave in the alley. Gotta focus on what is important…like….seeing my friends and….well….seeing my friends.


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