Elitism: the best philosophy

I try to be a rational empiricist but, what with my existential angst, I have to confess to a leaning towards Hegelism, if not spiritualism.  If I can’t will it, maybe God can.  I like Sci-fi, too.  Mind you, what with the cost of living in the city and the complete pointlessness of it all, I am tempted to fatalism with Nitzche overtones.  A nihilist even.  Hard to say.

One thing is for sure: God may be dead but money is the new God!  Morals may not be dead but what was wrong is now considered right.  So, they are really just on the ‘flip’  side of truth now.  Kind of a B-side, anti-moralistic stance on reality, really.

Facts may still be reality (and we all know facts fade – see medical facts, diets, healthy living, etc) but everyone seems to lie about everything and then stand by that so how real is that?  Then they say, “Well, that was then.  This is now.”  See GW Bush, Rob Ford, et al.

Things are pretty fluid in the world today.  And, of course, there is nothing wrong with that!  I am just trying to adjust is all…..

Most philosophies try to make sense of life and, by extension, reality.  Empiricists are limited by their senses and their means of measurement but, so far, Science seems to be catching on and Spiritualism and Mysticism (metaphysical) are being shunted to the margins.

The jury is still out.

And, having said that, people are increasingly leading ‘virtual’ lives, politicians simply lie-in-your-face and a huge percentage of people are well on their way to developing a new philosophy called ‘Denialism’.  It is not spiritualism.  It is the claim that whatever seems to be true is not and the opposite is likely true – especially if you believe that.  For awhile anyway.  We have Republicans, for instance.  Rush Limbaugh.  Climate change deniers and wars declared due to the non-existence of weapons of mass destruction.  Trust me, Denialism is BIG these days.

I subscribe to Denialism.  Not willingly, of course.  I deny subscribing willingly.  But the truth is I am having a harder and harder time believing what I am seeing and experiencing.  I am tempted to deny.    “I can’t believe it!”  is my most frequently uttered refrain these past few weeks.  It’s like an anti-faith.  I now have to believe in the anti-faith of reality.  Or the faith of anti-reality.  I have to.  ‘Cause that’s the new reality.

That’s sick.  I know.  But I am becoming a denialist.  Like Rush and Beck and Ford and Harper. Sick!

But there is nothing wrong with that!

(see how it works?)

For instance: I went to Costco and it took 2 hours to get a prescription filled…!  That is hard to believe but they fooled me every 15 minutes by saying ‘it would be ready any minute now’.  And they did this for two hours!  Well, they did it to Sally ’cause Security had to escort me from the building.  (Problem is that I promised not to hurt anyone after my first confrontation and felt obliged to keep to that but, of course, Rob Ford would lash out, draw blood, toke up and then simply deny it so I have a lot to learn still about Denialism).

I also crossed the Port Mann bridge twice last week and, though annoyed by the tolls being extracted, took some solace in the fact that they were discount tolls (50%) til the new year.  They track you by photographing your license plate and then charging you 19% interest on unpaid tolls.  Plus a registration fee.

Hard to believe that one has to be registered to pay a toll on a bridge!

So, I called in to pay.  But the robo-thief wouldn’t recognize my Visa.  So, I couldn’t pay.  All together now with the common refrain: ‘I couldn’t believe it!’

They knew what car I drove, when I traveled and even when I traveled with a small utility trailer (they charge more for that) but they wouldn’t take my payment and were going to penalize me and put a smudge on my license.  All this because I had the temerity to cross a bridge!

Hard to believe folks, but I had learned my lesson from Ford and so I phoned directly and denied ever being in the lower mainland and said they must have me confused with someone else.  “But, sir, we have your car, your face and your phone number.  We also know when you crossed over and when you crossed back.  And we know where you live.  You can deny all you want but ICBC will still get you!”

“Oh, alright!  I was lying but that happens when I am drunk or smoking crack, eh?  Nothin’  wrong with that, right?  Go ahead.  Just charge me.  But charge me the discount rate ‘ cause it was before the new year.” 

“Oh, that does not apply to you, sir.  You would have had to register before February of last year for that discount.  We kinda lie about that.  Sorry, sir.” 

She was not really sorry.  But you knew that…

“So, is this call being recorded for training purposes?” 

The point:  I couldn’t deny them but they denied me!  So Denialism is just for the elite.  I shoulda known!  All religions started that way.

10 thoughts on “Elitism: the best philosophy

  1. The big lie remember how sucessfully it thrived? Now all you ‘no it isn’ts’ contadict them at every turn. Weapons of mass destruction, a balanced budget, full employment, only conservatives can manage the country lie after lie still has us in the tank. This country thrives on lies.


  2. A short while back I came across one of your previous ‘Blog’ entries. It was Dec 25, 2012… It is rare for me to enjoy a Web log… I started from the beginning and have finally ‘caught up’.

    Your general outlook seems so close to mine that I wanted to thank you for posting a blog so I do not have to. ( I mean that in the best possible way!! )

    You mentioned WWOOFing several times until somewhat recently. Do you folks still participate?

    And again thank you! db


    • Well, shucks! Thanks. But you also have my sympathies……..thinking like me is not all good, ya know. Did you skip the rants? Do you drink heavily? See a shrink? Or do you live off the grid, too? (I attribute whatever sanity I may have kept to having left the rat race). If you haven’t left then I urge you to get out! Get out now…..aaaaaaragh!


      • Yeah that is similar to what I hear. “OMG I’m starting to think like you!” snicker, snicker… And no, I did not skip the rants. I thought you have a nice mix of how to’s with respect to going Off the Grid and the other, how did you phrase that, oh yes “spleen venting” as I recall. I do drink somewhat but not as much as I think I should… the price of alcohol has gone up as it has almost everywhere. Single malt in particular seems especially high.

        As far as being off the grid, I am more like a HOHO (:D) Half On, Half Off the utility grid anyway. I do practice careful resource usage. ( too careful my SWMBO thinks) Please keep up the blog if you can. I do find it helpful and I am sure others do as well. Cheers, db


    • Ooops…….W’fing? Yep. If someone wants to, we usually welcome them. But, as a rule, we only get one or maybe two requests a year and typically they have asked a lot of people in the area so they don’t always come. It’s OK. Last year we had 85 visitor-days within a 100 day period. It is truly fascinating how attrractive we become in the summer. Odd, too. Spring and Fall are the most beautiful times of the year for me. But it is all good.


    • Thanks……..but…..interested in what? Most of my readers want more on ravens (thank God I am in the city and can give ‘ravens’ a rest!). And some have suggested ‘canning’ the rants (but, what the hell, it is the most fun part!). I dunno…..I just write what I think and I am happy with that…..for as long as BIG BRO let’s me, anyway. Here’s a weird thing: I have readers in China and Russsia (yes, I know some are robots scanning for exploitable information but, unless they are planning on building a cabin on the Black Sea, they won’t get much of anything from me).


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