My current theory on life but…..

….I am seeing a lot of shows on Zombies and Vampires these days so……………keep an open mind, eh?

Reality is the big question, isn’t it?  At least it was for the great philosophers from Plato to Aristotle and from Descartes to the New Agers.  Everybody wonders about what is real and what that means to the meaning of life.  I do.

The big question is really, ‘Is there a God (and all that comes with that) or can everything be explained by science? (would you like fries with that?)’

God is hard to grasp.  Science can be measured and seen.  But face it; scientific diets don’t work, diseases still do and most scientific conclusions get refuted at some point….so the track record on Science ain’t all that great!   But mostly I don’t trust science because I don’t trust us (we are so flawed in everything we do – especially  the science as it is practiced by our government).

I say this because Science is limited by our own very limited senses/abilities even when we augment those senses/abilities with scientific measurement devices.  Doesn’t matter how you cut it – there is way, way, way more out there than meets the scientific eye – or any eye, for that matter.

So, some of us are thinking: less science, more God.  It is not uncommon with people our age.  People getting old start to turn to their faith (if they have one) where they may have ignored it for the previous six or so decades.

Most of us, of course, aren’t getting ‘extreme’ or changing long-followed, non-religious paths by attending a church or synagogue but some are.  Most of us are just contemplating ‘believing’ again in some sort of comforting way. In something bigger.  The most common refrain: “I do not believe in some kind of church-defined God but I do kinda believe in something.  Something bigger than all of this but without all the trappings of the church, ya know?”

And I agree with that, myself.  But others have gone a bit further……….

“Well, we decided to join the synagogue.  And I must admit, it felt welcoming being there.”

“Oh, yeah.  Been a deacon in our local church now for a few years.  I love it.  Feels good.”

“Yeah, I am a Catholic.  Didn’t go for years but I do now.  I don’t know why……”

The only thing more common than church attendance amongst us geezers is ‘birding’, walking and gardening (as if walking is a different ‘thing’ than what we have all been doing all our life!  Requires walking shoes, don’t you know? Binoculars and books for the birders.  Mountain Equipment Co-op for all your aging needs).

I confess to a bit (very small) interest in gardening.  Mostly, I like making raised-bed planters for Sal to garden in but it is all related, isn’t it?

But there is no question – the BIG question is coming up and it will get answered.  Some of my friends are further along this questioning-path-with-the-answer-in-sight.  J is pushing 95.  Many more in their 90’s.  They are not alone, just in the lead.  A few diseases and conditions are pushing a few others to the front of even that queue.  Aging is inevitable till it stops and we can all see the finish line, even if some of us are still some distance off.

So, we go birding?

Does that make sense to you?

Not to me.

So we attend church?  I dunno….I can’t see that working out for me, either.  Gardening has a nice zen to it sometimes but, really………..?  Ushering out life with a garden trowel?        

I think my chosen way to acclimate to the inevitable is philosophy.  And I currently choose philosophy as it is being taught by cheap B movies.  Transcendence by blowing up stuff.  Car chases and then blowing up stuff.  Very metaphorical.  Dust to dust.  I call it the Big Bang Theory.



6 thoughts on “My current theory on life but…..

  1. The sources of comfort for mankind are diverse. As are the paths to spirituality. Charlie Brown waits each year for the great pumpkin to arrive but is disappointed each year but never shaken from his unwavering quest. Aesthetics put their bodies through endless privations, stigmatics bleed a little each day, all over the world millions are comforted by their assignations to a higher plane of existence whereas penitents are abject in the misery of their suffering. The pathways are endless as are the paths taken. “The mind is its own place and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.


    • Like. This post (and found it interesting . . . I am 63-1/2. I haven’t been ‘and 1/2’ since I was about 12. but I notice since I’m 60 ish, that I use ‘1/2 again’.) but back to the subject at hand. Yes! I have been contemplating God and Life after Death and all that again lately. I’m pretty sure I’m not going with The Big Bang Theory. : )


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