The publisher regrets……….

…..any confusion generated by the author’s last blog entry.  The author DOES NOT now, nor will he ever (likely) seriously posit the BIG BANG theory as defined by Cheap B action flicks.  I apologize to every scientist whose feelings were hurt and swear allegiance to the Scientific Method.  So help me, GOD!

That last post generated a response in defense of science reminiscent of a debate between Muslims and Christians.  “We only agree to the point of Abraham.  After that, you are completely wrong and I may have to blow you up to convince you!” 

Yes, I know.  It is the big bang theory that is the only uniting force between those two points of view, too.  Ironic, isn’t it?

Still, the BIG (or multiple bangs and crashes in slo-mo) BANG theory was presented tongue in cheek.  (And, as you know by now: there is nothing wrong with that!). I don’t expect anyone to subscribe to it.  Neo (The Matrix) as the Messiah?  I don’t think so……

Just because the BB theory is employed by scientists (“In the beginning there was this really BIG BANG….see….and then…we all started out as elements in a primordial soup…oooh….it gets better…..and George Lucas has the movie rights…just wait…so exciting!”), and that that theory alone kinda proves scientists themselves have a huge belief system fuelled by faith in BIG BANGS does NOT mean that I am saying vaccines are bad.  Or toasters or whatever other modern appliances the sensitive scientists use to justify their work.  I like science.  I swear.  Some of my best friends are scientists.  Love ’em.  Honest.

I like cheap B flicks, too.  That so many cheap B flicks tell stories about science…..coincidence….?

Oh…I am only kidding.  Everyone knows that science is the answer to everything.  Well, eventually.  Some day.  If we don’t exterminate ourselves with it first, anyway.  Right?

C’mon…!?  What’s not to like about science?  Genetically Modified foods?  War?  Pollution?  Global warming with science as the cause, the observer and the possible cure? Science: all things to all people all the time.  Like TV.

Listen, I like science.  I really do.  MMMmmmmMmmmm good!  Love what they have done with food, eh?  Science has been good to us. Entertaining, anyway.

And religion?

Well, the churches seem to be failing us lately but it could be argued that GOD is NOT religion.  I have often said, “Religion is to God what Safeway is to food.”  Just a marketing arm.  Just a business.  The existence of God is not dependent on the existence of religion.

Just to be more clear: Blackberries grow in the woods whether or not some fruit distributor picks them.

One thing is for sure: people tend to have a sense of spirituality.  In spite of everything (maybe because of everything) people believe in a higher power or state of being at the very least.  They have been believing this way forever.  It is natural.  N-A-T-U-R-A-L.  There is a kind of a comfort in that long standing tendency alone.  Belief in God is natural even if it is false!

And I was just pointing out that that tendency seems to pop up with increasing frequency the older we get.

Of course, it is just pathetic ignorance and fear clinging to mystical beliefs in hopes of a fantasy after-life. Right?  Science tells us that, fer GOD’s sake.  Must be something wrong with us….continuing to believe in something that clearly doesn’t work.  Like most of science.  I mean, it is not like GOD’s track record is really any better than science now is it?  Or science’s track record all that great either.  I mean: if there is a GOD then HE invented science, right?

Maybe both points of view are wrong.

Could be….

Have I mentioned my BIG BANG theory?



5 thoughts on “The publisher regrets……….

  1. Some things just are. No cause and effect. No invisible hand. No spark. Conceptually difficult to grasp so it’s much easier to imagine the force of intelligent design. Not even a bang.


    • Well, JUST IS is a kinda theory, I guess. Why not? Just as good as BANG! I tend towards something with a BIG BEARD but not so much magic….well….I just don’t know, now do I?


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