Miss me?

The city has been having it’s way with me and I have been pretty busy this past week.  Crazy busy.  But I won’t bore you (not more than usual, anyway).  Suffice to say: “Despite the lipstick, pig-face, it just ain’t workin’ for me. It was nice visiting with you but I’ll be glad to say goodbye darling! Trust me, you’ll find someone new.” 

There is a sucker born every minute.  

‘Course, I talk big.  And I have a weakness for lipstick (even on a pig).  A little red face-paint, torn underwear and a come-hither glance and I am pretty much rapidly hardening putty in someone’s hands.  Silly putty, to be sure.  But malleable and tender to the touch.

And there is definitely some seduction playing out here.  Make no mistake.  I can feel the pull.  And I am weak.  Weak like a willing John.  But money is my siren this time – not the glitter.  Not the excitement.  Just the filthy lucre. Seems I can make enough to buy some solar panels, get my car fixed and maybe buy some new lipstick for Sal. And I can do that relatively painlessly.  If you count four hours stuck in traffic painless.

Hard to turn down.

So, I didn’t.  I went for it. And then I got busy.  Crazy busy.  But – reality check – one week at full-tilt zooming and I am exhausted. Done like Mike Duffy.

But you guys know all about that….the city lures you into the car with candies…….sorta like golden handcuffs but more like golden plastic zap-straps?

“We gotta get outa this place….if it’s the last thing we ever do…”. (The Animals, 1965)

Honestly?  It feels like that.  Feels like a trap.  IT IS A TRAP!

I will try to get some perspective…wrap my head around it…..go for a walk…..Help me, help me, Jesus!

When I understand what I am saying, I’ll say it.  For now, “I missed you, too!” 



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