loading ramp/deck extension

Well, the deck is largely done.  I have some railing posts (welding) and some railings (wood) still to make but the new addition to the deck is done, for the most part.  Just fiddly crap from now on.


Deck Extension

The new ‘little’ deck extension was built to adjoin or juxtapose the raised funicular cart that has yet to be built.  That cart is the BIG part of the project and I hope to get on with it this summer.  It will take me awhile.  The cart will rise along the tracks and rest alongside the new deck and thus raise the goods or the boats or whatever we are trying to lift from the water to the deck without strain.


It’s a plan.

I will add a small crane to the deck for lifting things like kayaks from the beach to the deck and vice versa.  The railings, of course, for safety.  And maybe a few other odds and sods since I am down there and messing about….like the second bathroom which has honestly not gone beyond the empty-promise, dream-on stage so far.  But I’ll get to it.

3 thoughts on “loading ramp/deck extension

  1. Thanks. Got a little truck-bed crane coming. I had a bigger one but, really, I only need to lift what I have already lifted from the truck to the boat on the other side of the water. The most I can manhandle is maybe 300 pounds and so the little truck-bed crane can do that at this end. I don’t need bigger. I may modify it a bit by adding a powered winch but I think we are going to be OK.


  2. Nice job on the deck. Looks great. Pro job.
    I saw a guy many years ago use a Lift mechanism about 10ft high with a 15ft “boom” much like a teetertotter that had a barrel at one end that could be filled with water to help with “lifting”. It would also swivel 360 deg. to allow placement just about anywhere withing range. It was very simple but very effective.


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