There will be blood…I hope it is NOT mine

I wrote a book.  NOT a great one.  But it was fun to do and, at times, it is amusing to read in a self-destruction kind of way. It was one of the things on my bucket list (well, the list had it that I would try to improve my writing and the book was a natural consequence of that effort).

I tend to preach and rant and cajole and be obnoxious as a person and as an author.  It is my style.  In life and in writing.  And that likely showed up in the book, too. Sal tried to edit me down to polite society but character flaws show up between the lines. I know that. I am NOT pretty.  Nor attractive.  I really didn’t expect to influence anyone sane nor did I attempt to teach or inform as I am still at the sophomore stage of this new lifestyle myself.

So, imagine my surprise…………

…when I was contacted by a reader who asked to meet.  That was a few months ago.  He was from the prairies but had decided to move to the west coast.  He had read the book and was interested in living OTG.  I met X and his wife, Y, in town, we had coffee, I signed the book and we talked OTG for awhile.  It was nice.

Then X&Y wanted to visit the area and explore possibilities and well…………to make a long story short………….they just bought some land in the area and are going to live OTG!


Now the first thing to remember is what I just wrote above: “I really didn’t expect to influence anyone sane…..”  

So that is worry #1.

But they seem nice enough so let’s set that worry aside and go to: “…..nor did I attempt to teach or inform as I am still at the sophomore stage of this new lifestyle myself.”

But I have already offered advice.  I can’t help myself.  Can you imagine?  The blind and halt leading the blind.  That is worry #2.

“Oh, Dave!  Stop being so dramatic.  They are likely over 21 and had their own dreams and aspirations (bucket-list) to fulfill.  You were and are quite incidental to all that they are doing.  Relax!”  

I know that to be true.  I had trouble influencing my kids when they were toddlers.  And no hope of doing so today.  So, I am pretty much in the clear of being charged as a bad influence.  I know that.  Still, not everyone can survive the self-abuse, accidents, mayhem and catastrophe that comes with the OTG territory.  There will be blood.

If they survive the first two years, they are likely good.  Lame, perhaps.  Scarred, for sure. I just hope they don’t carry a grudge.

Congratulations X & Y.  Welcome to OTG!

11 thoughts on “There will be blood…I hope it is NOT mine

  1. Uh Oh.
    Next thing you know, three, four, five OTG domiciles…..Then ,elections, police , political parties, laws , decisions, before you know it……..Civilization.
    Ugh…..time to move.


    • Given the make-up of the people already out here, civilization hasn’t a hope in hell. Half of them are crazier than rats on crack and the other half won’t have anything to do with each other. ‘To thine own self be true’ has a different meaning out here. Basically, it means be A-L-O-N-E and be happy about it. So ‘civilization’ has little threat. But ‘decisions’….damn….some of us make ’em now and then……and it is always poorly received. The only decision one can make out here and remain in good standing is to decide to throw a party and have lots of free food. Other than that..well…it can get dicey.


      • I meant to add: and another couple is just about to move in as well. Opposite end of the island. They bought the old Smith (fake name) estate and are coming to live OTGFT (full time) in the summer. And damn it! My wife says “They seem pretty civilized.” So you could be right!


          • There is where it gets interesting. Our zoning requires acreage. Lots as you know them are NOT available. Minimum zoning is currently 10 acres but a few 2 acres parcels are sprinkled around from previous eras so we have from 2 to 160 acre parcels. They bough a ten, I believe.


    • Several other blokes seem to do OK with ten? And, when they go ‘butterflying’, most of the rest of us just naturally stay close to home and pray for rain or a visit from the local wolf pack. That and crown land and I am sure you’d have enough space. You can count on us not to get too close, that’s for sure. Now, let me show you a few listings….


    • Very little is mostly flat unless it is NOT on the water. Those kinds of parcels are cheap. Say $50K……ish… because most people who want to come to the coast, want to see it. Get ten acres back of the beach but on a flat, level table of land with a VIEW and the price is much the same but it is the view you want. And access. But you do not need waterfront so long as you can get to your site and it has a nice setting and view.
      Ten acres on the water is maybe $200K. But the properties vary so much that one at $200K is a bargain and another at $200K is a rip-off. Generally speaking you are looking at 10K and under per acre inland and 20K and over for water front but the number of buyers and sellers are also ten times more on the water.
      Because of the terrain, you pretty much have to be facing SE, S, SW. You need water. Soil would be nice.
      It’s NOT a science but there a lot of local influences and such that come into play. It is not like one lot is the same as the other in a subdivision. It is more like one geological micro-site vs another.


        • Therein lies some of the differences between otherwise lookalike properties. Some would be rainwater-gather, others might have min-hydro capacity – it all depends where nature runs the creek. Some creeks are year ’round, others seasonal. Springs are rare but occasional. None of the challenges are difficult to overcome. The west Coast is wet but rocky – you will ‘have water’ but you may have to collect it.


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