Why I am clearly too stupid to be a party leader

You see, I don’t understand Thomas Mulcair nor do I understand Justin Trudeau.  I mean, I understand Stephen Harper more than I understand the Muldeaus because, well, he is simple-minded, bigoted and lacking any intellectual chops whatsoever so he’s an easy read.  Like Deliverance.  Like Dirty Harry and his targets were. You probably don’t like him, you might even fear him, but he is just a simple-minded good-bad guy running amok. Easy to understand, hard to get away from when he has power and needs removing at all costs.  Ugly but simple.

But Just-in and Tom are confusing me.  You see, they are spending all their air and efforts on attacking one another.  Bear in mind that neither of those two dingbats have ever been in power and Harper is the one with the record that needs our focus.  Never mind that Just-in is still wet behind the ears and that Tom is dropping like a rock in the polls, they think their best political tactic is to fight themselves.  They are leaving their enemy alone (the incumbent).  Harper is ignored enough to remain just off the battlefield entirely.  To me, these guys don’t even know how to fight a political battle.

That is so pathetic.

Unless I am wrong, of course, and this is the way.  You know, Tom’s political back-room boys saying, “Hey, go after that pretty-face Trudeau and mush him first.  Get rid of #3 and then focus on #1.  It’s the way to go.”   

Or Trudeau’s geniuses behind the scenes, “Well, Steve just sounds better and more mature than you do, Justy, we all do, actually, so maybe just get into a bitch-slap with Mulcair ’cause he has no real standing yet either.  He’s never been in power.  Maybe you can take him?  If you can’t take on a guy who has never even been there, then Steve might be too much for you.  Go for Tom first!”

And so the champion stands calmly in the ring awaiting the outcome of the tussle between the two impotent challengers taking place in the dressing room.  How ridiculous!  How utterly devoid of meaning.  For many people, “it is the economy stupid!”  But for the two challengers it could best be summarized as . “it’s the incumbent stupid!”

Seriously.  Every debate should be aimed at Harper.  Every ounce of both their energies should be aimed at Harper.  He is the bad guy.  He is the one who has the record to hold up. It is his feet that need to be held to the fire, not the wannabees.  What is wrong with their heads?  Why attack the wrong foe?  These guys are going to blow it because of their personal dislike for one another and their inept strategy against Harper.

I half expect Mulcair to one day just punch Elizabeth in the face.  “At least that’s one down, eh, Tom?!”

19 thoughts on “Why I am clearly too stupid to be a party leader

  1. I told you before that you should have grabbed the reins when you had a chance, but oh no, you had other fish to fry. Well, now its too late (for you to get into the fray). Next time? Probably too later.
    Unless you read it all wrong. Trudair & Mudeau bashing one another, Stevie drops his guard, then ALLOFASUDDEN, the twins drop their pretend fight and direct their angst at Harper who realizes too late that he has been had. The combined pummelling by the duo in the last two days of the writ reduces The Harp to a whimpering bag of wind.
    At least my story will keep me happy for another two weeks. Or rather, forego complete despondency for that period.
    Have a wonderful day. (I’m still mulling over your version of Utopia)


    • God made me poor, stupid, short and ugly for a reason. He knew I couldn’t handle it properly if I had it. If I was good-lookin’, I would have abused that power all to hell. Women strewn over the continent like old cars. Same for being rich. Woulda been a pig. Worse than a CEO of a Hedge fund. He was right to NOT hand me any power or else I would rule like a despot. Singin’ and dancin’ girls at the very least. Gold bling. Trust me. You can’t trust me. NOT with power, anyway.


  2. For what it is worth, the latest Nanos poll has the Liberals ahead. How that translates into seats is up in the air as it depends on voter turn out. In general the mocking strategy of campaign ads to characterize Justin Trudeau as a light weight is not working. Prime Minister Harper has tried to counter the failure of these mocking ads by claiming that he Mr Harper in not perfect.


    • Yeah, I can’t say Steve is a brilliant campaigner altho avoiding any place with a protester seems to be working. But, generally speaking, they are all idiots and, sadly, that is not news. But, seriously…? The opposition dissing each other? How stupid is that?


  3. What the Liberals are doing to the Conservatives and NDP is playing for first or second. The liberals at the start of the campaign were playing for third now they might win government or opposition. The NDP with a lead moved to the right of centre with its balanced budget position and has continued to lose ground. The NDP may return to its traditional levels of support in the 20% range. The Conservative need to watch out for a progressive movement forming on the right. Dog whistle politics is not working for Joe Lunch-bucket.


    • I agree…kinda…I am not so sure that these guys had much, if any strategy, really. It sure doesn’t show. Well, Harper’s does. Stick to the talking points, tell blatant lies and look calm. Don’t show your face except at a right-wing free food photo op. Avoid Elizabeth because your misogyny shows. And, to some extent, that is working for him. We don’t seem to hate him any more than we did before. We really should. And that is largely because neither Mulcair nor Trudeau have talked about muzzled scientists, unspent funds for vets, blatant fear mongering, Syria, Afghanistan, oil sands, environmental disregard and disdain for parliament just to name a few. Why not at least harp on the doldrums economy then? Why haven’t they? What is wrong with them? Seriously, Trudeau (whom I hate) hit a standing double with emphasis on infrastructure. He may have managed a ‘walk’ on marijuana. And he has not STRUCK out yet. Mulcair seems benched. Like he’s waiting for the designated hitter to bring him home or something. Mulcair is at least stranded on first – going nowhere.
      All they had to do was say, “Do you really want more of this guy?”


      • Ads along the same line as you pose in your post are running in the final days. The ads question Harper’s character, his missteps, his secrecy, his grudges,his enemies list, his doctrine that reaches into homes of Canadians and the criminality of some Conservatives.


        • I hope they are effective when they change to that tactic. Bit late. But Sun Tzu would never have left the issue undecided so late in the game. And neither would any great leader. Mind you, I admit that running a government is different than waging a campaign. Chalk from cheese.


          • Conservatives have a war chest the opposition parties do not. From Thanks Giving to Election Day will be the blitz of ads putting forth the message. It will be a deeply emotional but short on specifics. Polls will tell the parties what assert. The latest is watch for barbaric cultural and report them to the RCMP.


  4. I think you have it wrong.
    You’re too smart and honest to be a party leader…… Truth and integrity are the first victims in an election campaign
    The average voter has the 30 second sound bite, attention span of a pregnant fruit fly hovering over a bowl of rotten peaches.
    Voters today couldnt tell you two specific reasons why they will vote for A, B or C.
    That would entail them remembering last nights 30 second political advertisments sandwiched between 5 minute clips of “Fear Factor” featuring former Playboy bunnies in bikinis swimming in ice cold water…. fetching sticks……( yes I did stumble on that whilst channel surfing..and I must admit…..hypothermia never looked so good) ……..Politics loses every time.
    The dumbing down of politics isnt just a Canadian conundrum.
    Abraham Lincoln wouldnt make it past the first Republican debate with the likes of Donald Trump braying his racist, misogynist, nonsensical drivel to a hooting, clapping jeering, appreciative audience.
    I know western democracy will have reached rock bottom when we elect a jingoistic, ultra religious end of days fanatic with delusions of grandeur……..
    Waaaaait a minute!



    • You put it so well……….and, as you know, we have Mr. Grandeur currently in power and getting closer to retaining it.
      That’s to take nothing from the former bunnies in cold water and the uplift to our spirits that provides. Every time!
      The answer is clear! I have seen the solution! We start a party of spokes-models, bunnies, tarts and babes, dress them in light see-through frocks and kicky boots and call it the New Liberal Conservative Party. Of course they sweep in and then we get them to switch the system to proportional representation, marry them all off to rich senators, abolish the senate and VOILA!


      • Sorry, couldnt find a link but the title was called “Escape the Ice” or something like that.
        I wont ruin it by telling you who wins the $50,000.00 prize for “fetching a stick” out of an ice filled , underwater maze, swimming tank…but lets just say that apart from the leering MC hosting the show who was unsuccessfully trying to build the “suspense” with pre and post swim “interviews”…..sadly, none of the gals will ever win an Emmy in a “dramatical” series.


    • News flash the Vancouver Province newspaper commentary reports today in its Sunday Oct. 4th edition that people who oppose the Conservatives have, “Harper Derangement Syndrome.”


      • Hmmmm .
        Another editorial bought and paid for by the Conservative govt.? Did they write it too?
        Would the last person to work at Postmedia’s Vancouver propaganda outlet please turn out the lights when they go out of business………..
        And Pacific Press wonders why their subscribers are abandoning them in droves.


        • The other day the Vancouver Sun ran never before released pictures of the shooter Zehaf-Bibeau taking aim at Cpl Nathan Cirillo just before Cpl Nathan Cirillo was shot by him. An editorial comment by the Vancouver Sun. How must friends and family Cpl Nathan Cirillo feel seeing this barbaric event re-opened?


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