Happiness is………..

…………I am not so sure, anymore, but it seems it is to be found mostly around here.  You see, I am basically happy and I haven’t left the rock in almost three months.  In fact, the longer I do NOT leave this rock, the happier I get. Ergo, happiness is here.

Mind you, Sal is also here and that explains the bulk of the daily bliss but, really, I am here and I am happy. And that says something.  It is starting to say, “Don’t go anywhere, doofus!”

Sal and I have always traveled.  We wanted to see stuff.  We liked seeing stuff.  Different countries, cultures, cuisines and ways of life fascinated us.  But, oddly, not so much anymore.  I dunno.  There may be a bit of Binder Dundaht involved.  Definitely increased loathing of air travel, airports, cheap hotels and stifling heat.  Chicken buses have lost almost all of their appeal.  Then there’s the fatigue of it all that was never noticed when we were young but seems to play a larger role as you age.  We may have lost the urge to adventure, ya know?

But, back to the point: Point Here!  Almost three months!  That’s incredible!  Admittedly, I have left half a dozen times for a social engagement, a doctor’s visit, a site walkabout and something else or two but none of those ventures had me leave the island.  I just ventured local.  Stayed close. Stayed happy.  I have lived ‘feral’ as it were, for almost three straight months without once having to endure the ferry, the traffic, the shopping or the general madness of modern life.  And that’s just the local small town I am talking about….Vancouver may as well be in another galaxy far, far away as far as I am concerned.

And I am strangely and extremely OK with that.

I know, I know……age…..and all that……plus I have projects.  And more projects.  And I am slower than ever before so they all last longer….I know, I know…it’s all part of the circle of life, Simba. But, really, Dude!  Three months!  And it does not feel LONG ENOUGH!

I mention all this because we will do a town day sometime soon.  Maybe a week.  Or so.  I will drive.  I will shop.  I will hurry and carry and lift and then hurry some more and lift some more.  And we will ‘do town’ to set us up for another stretch out here.  But we are getting better at that.  We are getting to stay away longer.  We can do a month in a blink.  I did three months but that’s because Sal went into town twice in that span and friends/family came a few times and the so things like eggs, avocados and broccoli were handled by ‘shippers’.  But there is no question – we are stretching our visits out to at least a month and I think, with improvement, we can count on two.  Easy.  Or six times a year.

Or less.

And so you see it before your very eyes; the evolution of a hermit.  Albeit, a married hermit with a few neighbours but I am talking evolution at this stage and even extreme hermits had to take it one step at a time.  I think I am several steps down that path, the one so less taken it is still a bit wild.  And I am all the happier for it.

7 thoughts on “Happiness is………..

  1. Yep, airports and the officious security twerps with plastic badges that lord their 5 minutes of authority all over you….and dont get me started on Customs.
    Not sure which are worse the US or Canada. Must have been expelled from the same “Miss Manners class”.
    I figure if Americans , Europeans and Asians all wanna visit maybe I should take a look around too!
    I’ve been to every Province and Territory several times with the bizarre exception of…… Newfoundland….never been.

    A married hermit! What could be better?


    • Nfld is great. The people are a real gift. Nicest Canadians I have ever met. And funnier ‘n’ hell. Honest to God, round up 300 or so Newfies and put ’em in Ottawa instead of the politicians and things would be a helluva lot better. More fun, too.
      I don’t want to think that my travelin’ days are over but, if I am honest about it, the desire to go has waned a great deal. And ‘here’ beats a lot of what I’ve ever seen.
      Wanna see Hell? Go to any big Chinese city in the summer (for me now any city anywhere will suffice). Stand in the centre of town at rush hour. Then….head for the airport and don’t look back.


      • Why go to China. I’ll save myself the annoyance of security, customs,etc. and a 12 hour flight each way.

        I’ll just drive to any mall in Richmond on a saturday and try and find a parking stall………..
        My own little piece of blood pressure skyrocketing, traffic Hell.


        • True. Kinda. But Richmond is deserted by comparison and the air is still good. Plus you can see birds fly overhead. Cities in China? Can’t see a mile on a good day, a Richmond theater in a fire drill might convey the density and the only life besides human might be moths on street lights – the rest is simply NOT there. Plus, the density of highrises makes the west end look like a farmer’s field.
          As for the skyrocketing BP…….have I mentioned how pleasant it is out here…..?


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