And then there were two more…..

Received a very nice surprise email the other day…….B and K (introducing themselves) have recently taken to living OTG and doing so up the coast. They had been reading the blog for awhile (for fun) and just recently made the decision to go. I am guessing the blog title resonated.  And I guess they wanted out of the rat race, too.  Despite the blog gibberish and obviously with considerably more reading, education, skills and experience behind them, they chose to make the leap.

They moved further OTG than us and took their energies, equipment and with their probably-rapidly-depleting bank account, bought a large chunk of remote real estate and are currently building and solving problems just like we did.  Likely better.  They are younger.  They seem smarter.  Just two people. Husband and wife.  Just retired.

Nice to see.

And they are loving it.

“Geez, Dave, it must be getting crowded up there!”

No.  Not really.  You could sprinkle ten thousand people between us and them and no one would see anyone else from their living room window unless they were passing in a boat. It would take a helluva lot more people to ever get the designation ‘populated’ out here. And ‘civilized’ is never gonna happen.  We are all more like demented cats than sheep. Whole lotta eccentric and independence going on.

“But, is it a trend?”

No.  I don’t think so.  The overall numbers seem to remain relatively constant.  Maybe even dropping a bit.  Living OTG still ain’t a trend.  NOT hip.  Not yet, anyway. People 50 and over tend to ‘cabin’ and ‘cottage’ still and those younger tend to head for the nearest and biggest gene pool.  I think that is all we are really seeing.  Of course, the post war baby-boomers are now retiring so that would suggest a bump in the numbers but they just aren’t there.  Not yet.  Not now.  Not here.

Having said that, the ‘two’ mentioned above are actually the second couple to recently arrive and the other couple are much closer.  About four miles away.  But, get this, he is in his 80’s and she, tho younger, ain’t no spring chicken.  My age – ish.  So, they are starting OTG’ing a bit later than even we did.  Mind you, they have had a place up here for years that was their summer cabin so maybe that was really the start. It is hard to get a sense of any trends or anything when the numbers are so small so, basically the trend to report is just that: the numbers are small.

I used to think the retiring of the boomers would swell the ranks.  I don’t think so anymore. Then I thought that the 2007/08 bank debacle would reveal the futility of the system for more people and they would just opt out but that didn’t happen either.  Since then, as you know, I am inclined to think that madness and violence and zombies might just do it. Maybe not.

But lately….?  Well, I am pretty sure that Donald J. Trump will increase our book sales in the US at the very least. That is likely true for any book with OTG in the title.  And, if he actually succeeds in becoming emperor penguin, we may soon be standing in a crowd of Americans up here.   Democrats and Republicans.

Which reminds me: Director Ron Howard and Producer/actor Henry Winkler just put out a movie satirizing Trump.  It’s on Netflix.  It’s a bit too heavy handed to be ‘good’ but I haven’t watched much.  The first ten minutes was enough to get the gist.  But what is interesting for me is that it is so-soon up and watchable.  It is virtually a line being drawn while the race is still being run.  It is a media based declaration of civil war.  This seems like just not an act that can be laughed off as a joke, especially being released during the campaign. This is a media skewering without precedent.

I applaud their courage (if not the artistic merit that in their haste to present they seem to have missed).  They even referenced Trump knowing Roy Cohn (the infamous McCarthy era lawyer) early on to make their point that Trumpism is McCarthyism.  This is a new form of politics, it really is.



4 thoughts on “And then there were two more…..

  1. When there’s more than 2.5 of you OTG’ers per 1000 Hectares……Starbucks will deem your paradise “worthy” of their litter a la Robson St..
    Hence, all the more reason to convince people its the land of plague and pestilence…….or am I confusing that with the comment section of this blog
    ( when I visit…..)?


    • We have approximately one person per square mile in a busy summer, maybe a bit less dense than that. Winter is very much isolation. And, of course, most people are in couples and families so the densest part of the area is still more like one small group for every 4 square miles. And, if you take the larger area that we ‘belong’ to the ratio gets way up. There are islands with virtually no one. Well, no one sane, anyway. Lands of plague and pestilence? No. I won’t lie (not about that, anyway) but they are lands of work and toil, minimalism and do-it-yourself. They are lands of hiking and carrying, lifting and sweating and bleeding. NOT all the live-long-day, of course, but there is much more of that than most people are comfortable with. This is a physical challenge, no question. More so the longer in the city you live.


  2. The garage sales this weekend have posted items like, “Leaving the rat race so everything must go!” “Leaving the country no reasonable offer refused.” Feed up, stressed out, recently single, recently retired or just sold the house for big bucks but it is hard to tell why without knowing the back story. I know a few people with the health, the smarts, the skills, the self-reliance and the outlook to do OTG day in and day out and two of them are Dave & Sally.


    • Thanks for that. After I posted that blog a friend who lives in the Lower Mainland wrote to tell me that she just moved, too. Gone. NOT OTG but rural and natural. Small town. In her case, it is a great decision and going OTG is simply not required and would likely NOT add to her satisfaction levels. I’m a bit too grouchy for small town, myself. Irascible enough to require too many acres between me and the next jackass.


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